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    Dr. Gary Motykie: Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Beverly Hills | Los Angeles

    Dr. Gary Motykie: Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Beverly Hills | Los Angeles

    Dr Gary Motykie Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills | Los AngelesAre you considering a breast augmentation procedure? If you are, it is extremely important for you to know all about the procedure, the complications involved as well as to find a good cosmetic surgeon who is a highly skilled specialist in breast augmentation.

    Breast augmentation surgery also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a kind of plastic surgery for breast implants usually to increase fullness, change the shape or texture or improve symmetry of the breasts.

    Find the right cosmetic surgeon

    Whether your plastic surgery is a primary breast augmentation or a complicated breast reconstruction, you will be most confident when you know you are in safe and skillful hands of an experienced cosmetic surgeon. For a long time, cosmetic surgery was reserved for the rich and image conscious, today it is more a common and quite popular procedure. Due to its popularity, a lot of doctors claim themselves to be plastic surgeons. It is extremely important that you make sure you research well and talk to people who have has a breast implant before. Word-of-mouth referral from a satisfied customer is one of the best recommendations.

    Once you have a list of cosmetic surgeons, you should try finding out if they are properly trained and have ample experience. It is a good idea to schedule an initial consultation, which is generally free of charge with the surgeons. Don’t hesitate to ask questions during the initial consultation. You will feel more confident once you know your surgeons qualifications and experience.

    What to ask

    Questions like whether the surgeon is certified by a recognized board, number of surgeries and kinds of surgeries performed in the past, hospital privileges at an accredited facility etc are important. You should try to look at his work which is usually in the form of catalogues with before-and-after photos. You could also watch videos on breast implant surgery to get a better idea about the procedure.

    It is not only important to learn about your surgeon’s qualifications and experience but also his willingness to understand your expectations and desires. One of the leading cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Hills,West Hollywood and Los Angeles, Dr. Gary Motykie who is also affiliated with the Plastic Surgery Research Council believes that patient satisfaction is very important.

    Once you are confident about your plastic surgeon, you can schedule another appointment to find out more about the procedure. Make sure you know the different types of implants on the offer and what would be most suitable for you; also, if the breast size you have in mind will suit your body frame. Don’t forget to ask questions relating to pregnancy and implants as well as risks and complications involved with breast implant surgery

    Remember, the clearer you are about the procedure, risks and recovery, the more confident you’ll be when you go in for surgery. So make sure you communicate your feelings to your cosmetic surgeon and do your homework before deciding on any kind of cosmetic surgery.

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    Standardized Steps for Successful Facial Fat Grafting

    An experienced fat grafting plastic surgeon will understand the importance of using proven, standardized techniques for facial fat grafting in order to achieve optimal outcomes. If the surgeon manages to standardize the basic steps for harvesting, purifying, and injecting the fat grafts, the results can be more predictable and matching with the patient’s aesthetic goals. Some of the key steps that should be standardized in facial fat grafting are as follows:

    • As far as possible, the surgeon should opt for general anesthesia to perform the facial fat grafting procedure. This avoids the possibility of destruction of adipose derived stem cells due to local anesthetics containing lidocaine as well as risk to smooth blood supply that is important for grafting.
    • Fat removal should be performed using traditional liposuction techniques rather than laser or ultrasound based techniques. This will ensure better safety of fat cells that need to be harvested.
    • Fat harvesting and purification should be performed delicately, applying minimal pressure in order to preserve the integrity of fat cells.
    • Fat transfer using injections should be performed immediately so that the fat cells are not destroyed in absence of blood supply.
    • Outcomes can be more natural looking if the surgeon places fat micro-droplets in multiple layers of the face. More effective blood supply is ensured with this technique, and the longevity of fat cells is improved.
    • Frozen compressions in the treated area should be avoided because freezing temperatures may kill the harvested fat cells.
    • A large part of the post-op swelling will resolve quickly if the head of the bed is elevated for the first few days.
    • Fat-burning exercising should be avoided for the first few weeks following surgery so that the newly grafted fat cells are preserved.

    Patients should choose a plastic surgeon with sufficient experience in facial fat grafting in order to achieve outstanding and salient aesthetic results.

    Facial Rejuvenation with Fat Grafting Before and After Photos

    facial rejuvenation fat grafting before and after photos

    facial rejuvenation fat grafting before and after photos

    facial rejuvenation fat grafting before and after photos
































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    Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

    Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery | Dr. Motykie Los Angeles | Beverly HillsBreast reduction surgical procedure is also known as reduction mammaplasty. It is a plastic surgery which essentially involves removing extra fat; skin and tissue from the breast area to arrive at a size which makes them look proportionate to the rest of your body. It is also aimed at eliminating the distress which comes with having huge sized breasts.

    Why breast reduction cosmetic surgery?

    There could be multiple reasons to get a breast reduction surgery done. Some of the important benefits of this cosmetic surgery include the following:

    • Women could face both emotional and physical health issues due to overly huge breasts. These not only include issues related to their self-image but actual physical distress or pain.
    • Your ability to lead a healthy and energetic life could be impaired as a result of the extra weight of the tissue in the breast area. It is a less known fact that the psychological discomfort which is related to having unusually big breasts along with the self-distorted images is a very challenging concern among women.

    If you stay in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood or Los Angeles and are looking to get a safe breast reduction surgery done, you could contact Dr. Gary Motykie who is a trained plastic surgeon from the University of Texas and has worked with some of the best cosmetic surgeons in Miami. He has years of experience conducting various kinds of plastic surgeries and has also completed a very highly rated and known Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship in Beverly Hills.

    Recovery for breast reduction surgery

    Once your surgical procedure for breast reduction is complete, the plastic surgeon will apply bandages and dressings to the incisions made during the surgery. In addition to this, some doctors may use an elastic bandage or recommend a support bra which could help reduce the swelling and fasten the healing process.

    There could also be placement of a tiny slim tube under the skin on a temporary basis in order to provide a way for the excess fluid or blood to come out.

    Your cosmetic surgeon will give you some detailed instructions for the recovery process after the breast reduction surgery. This would include a general know-how on how to take care of your breasts post surgery, various medicines and drugs to be taken or applied on the breasts for healing and to minimize the dangers of infection. He would also give you a follow-up schedule to check the recovery progress.

    As a responsible patient, it is important for you to ask all different types of queries that you may have regarding the breast reduction surgery and the recovery procedure.

    The surgery could take up anywhere between two to five hours depending upon the individual’s case. It has been proven that the breast reduction surgery has long-lasting results.

    You will be relieved from all the physical pain and emotional distress experienced before the cosmetic surgery. In addition to this, your self-esteem and image will be greatly boosted when you see a perfectly proportioned body with the appropriate size of breasts.

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    Long-term Facial Rejuvenation with Fat Grafting

    In comparison to facial fillers and other non-invasive or minimally invasive aesthetic anti-aging treatments, facial fat grafting is a more effective and longer-lasting treatment by far. The key limitation of injectable filler treatments is that the results are not likely to last for more than a few months, or up to a year in most cases. At the same time, the outcomes may not be comprehensive or may fail to satisfy the patient’s aesthetic needs in an adequate manner.

    Outstanding Results with Facial Fat Grafting

    Facial fat grafting is a proven technique to produce more even, substantive and sustainable results. The procedure involves fat harvesting from a particular area of the body that has excess fat pockets and injecting it into the targeted areas of the face to replace lost volume. Results with facial fat grafting are not only deeper and longer lasting, but also aesthetically superior. The facial skin will achieve a regenerative, radiant effect with this technique.

    This unique procedure involves transfer of living fat cells from one part of the body to another, which means greater sustainability of results. The living fat cells will continue to counter the aging process, and the patient’s face will usually continue to look better over time. These harvested fat cells are not merely a storehouse for fat, but are living hormone factories that will help regenerate the skin from inside out. The result is that the aging effects can actually be reversed with this technique.

    Choosing the Right Donor Site

    An experienced plastic surgeon will know the importance of choosing the right donor site in order to have the best possible impact of treatment. Donor fat cells from areas such as thighs, hips, abdomen and underarms are typically more reliable and resilient. These fats are more stubborn and will not be easily impact by weight fluctuations.

    Facial Rejuvenation with Fat Grafting Before and After Photos

    facial rejuvenation fat grafting before and after photos

    facial rejuvenation fat grafting before and after photos

    facial rejuvenation fat grafting before and after photos
































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    Dr. Gary Motykie: Your Facial Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills | Los Angeles

    Dr Gary Motykie Facial Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills | Los AngelesRevitalize facial features and accentuate certain aspects with the help of cosmetic. When looking for the best facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, make certain you approach a specialist facial cosmetic surgeon.

    Facial plastic surgeons possess expert skills to remedy and improve facial aesthetics through procedures such as rhinoplasty (nose surgery), forehead lift, mentoplasty (chin surgery), and face lift, to name a few. Ensure the cosmetic surgeon you contact in Beverly Hills is proficient and skilled in the many procedures related to facial plastic surgery.

    A plastic surgeon well-versed in advanced techniques related to facial cosmetic surgery would be recommended choice when seeking reconstructive plastic surgery. Board certified Dr. Gary Motykie specializes in facial plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, enables patient to achieve maximum aesthetic facial rejuvenation through procedures mentioned below.

    Facelift surgery

    Facelift surgery has improved dramatically over the years. More natural and long lasting results are delivered through complex deep plane lift procedures. Current innovations in approach and technique have significantly reduced tension applied to skin once lifted. Incisions now made during surgery are covertly placed inside the ear canal, making them invisible to the naked eye. In some cases neck liposuction is carried out to appropriately balance appearance of taut face and under-treated neck. Excess skin is discarded or artistically repositioned to deliver top class results in a renewed, revitalized and more youthful face.

    Facial implant surgery

    Designed to augment and rejuvenate the face, facial implants add definition, restore shape, and proportionately restructure facial features. State of the art facial plastic surgery in facial implants redefines areas like the jaw, cheek, chin, and nose, as well. During facial implant surgery your experienced Beverly Hills plastic surgeon makes an incision near the site the implant is to be inserted, if in the chin or cheeks the incision is made inside the mouth to avoid noticeable scarring.

    Facial fat transfer

    A non-invasive sophisticated method by which fat in the face is reduced and most cases permanently eliminated to enhance and define lost natural contours. Alternatively known as facial fat injections, this innovative procedure provides patients with an overall natural look that defies age by delivering a lasting sculpted and profuse result.

    Facial reconstructive surgery

    Performed on patients with facial defects in skin affected by disease, injury, or prior surgery, facial reconstructive surgery improves overall visual appeal by accentuating certain facial features and structures. Cosmetic facial reconstructive surgery will deliver a more youthful, better shaped, taut, and renewed appearance. Procedures to correct wrinkles and various common procedures like eye and brow lift, fall under parameters of facial reconstructive surgery.

    Get in touch with board certified expert plastic surgeon Dr. Motykie with a specialty in facial plastic surgery in Los Angeles. Restore and revitalize youth lost with time through cosmetic surgery. Evade prominent signs of age in wrinkles and excess skin and fat, as well as facial lines. Make Dr. Motykie, your premium facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and Los Angeles.

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    Dr. Gary Motykie: Your Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Beverly Hills | Los Angeles

    Dr Gary Motykie Rhinoplasty (Nose) Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills | Los AngelesRhinoplasty is derived from the Greek terms ‘rhino’ meaning nose and ‘plasty’ meaning to shape or reform. Also commonly known as a nose job, it is a plastic surgery procedure for correcting or reconstructing nasal features. Rhinoplasty is usually done with the intention of achieving aesthetic improvement in the nose like straightening a crooked nose, proportioning the nose with the other facial features or improving the shape of the nose as well as the nostrils.

    If you are planning to get a nose job, make sure you know how rhinoplasty works and what to expect after the cosmetic surgery. The results of rhinoplasty are permanent, and nothing can be worse than a bad nose job.

    What happens in a rhinoplasty?

    During rhinoplasty, your cosmetic surgeon will make incisions at various points in your nose to operate on the bones and cartilage of your nose. Depending on the result you want, the bone or tissue may be removed or added from another part of your body or with synthetic fillers. Of course, it is important for your surgeon to determine what will suit your face best.

    Dr. Gary Motykie, M.D., F.A.C.S. who is a board-certified plastic surgeon practicing in West Hollywood, Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California rightfully believes that the ‘right’ nose needs to be evaluated based on the person’s face so that the final appearance can be worked out accordingly. Once the changes to the bone and tissue are done, your skin is placed over the new structure of your nose. Recovery is usually very fast, but sometimes the procedure may warrant a night stay at the hospital.

    Plastic surgery gone bad

    Most unsuccessful rhinoplasty surgeries are generally due to the surgeon’s inexperience, or incorrect surgical techniques. The patient will then have to go for what is known as revision rhinoplasty which will correct the nasal defects which resulted from the previous cosmetic surgery.

    Sometimes rhinoplasty results in what is known as ‘the over-done’ or a very artificial ‘operated-on’ look. Other cases could be scarring of the tissues, uneven nostril size or functional problems such as runny nose and breathing problems. In these cases a revision rhinoplasty is the only solution. According to Dr Motykie, revision rhinoplasty is extremely challenging to perform since it requires a plastic surgeon with exceptional experience who can work on a nose where the normal anatomy has been distorted.

    It is extremely important that while scouting for plastic surgeons, you look for surgeons who possess artistic skills with regards to the scalpel as well as a sense of aesthetics to achieve successful results. Ensure that you review their experience and work through before-and-after photos to evaluate their surgical expertise. It is a good idea to clear your doubts about the procedure during an initial consultation. It will not only help you put yourself at ease but will help you gauge your surgeon’s skill.

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