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    Your Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon

    Your Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon

    Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon | Breast ImplantsDr. Gary Motykie is a board certified plastic surgeon offering advanced and innovative plastic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation. Dr. Motykie will carefully evaluate a patient’s health condition, breast anatomy and personal aesthetic goals before recommending breast augmentation.

    He will educate the patient about all aspects of breast augmentation, and help her make informed choices of the type of breast implants, the location of incisions, and the placement position of implants. Experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Motykie provides breast augmentation to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations.


    Holistic Approach

    Dr. Motykie believes in adopting a holistic approach to a procedure such as breast augmentation plastic surgery. According to him, the goal should be to create a healthy, attractive, and natural looking figure rather than just increasing the size of breasts.

    Therefore, Dr. Motykie will recommend the appropriate size and type of implants, create discreet incisions, and if required, combine the procedure with other surgical or non-surgical options after finalizing the surgical plan in close consultation with the patient.


    Customized Treatment

    According to Dr. Motykie, breast augmentation is one of the more customizable surgeries. He will tailor the procedure to match the patient’s unique needs. In some cases, he may recommend breast augmentation in conjunction with breast lift to meet the patient’s aesthetic needs.

    He emphatically rejects the one-size-fits-all approach to cosmetic surgery, and treats each patient according to their individual requirements. As a result, Dr. Motykie enjoys high patient satisfaction levels in procedures such as breast augmentation.


    Comfort, Privacy, Safety

    For performing a major procedure such as breast augmentation, Dr. Motykie recommends general anesthesia, and will work only with board certified anesthesiologists. He may give medication to the patient prior to the surgery to keep them relaxed. He is able to complete the entire procedure in about one hour.

    Dr. Motykie will perform breast augmentation procedures only at a fully accredited, AAAASF certified surgical center. He prioritizes the patient’s safety, comfort, and privacy above all else. He will take precautions against blood clotting in every case, and will include a minimum of anti-embolic stockings and sequential compression devices (SCDs) on the lower extremities during the entire length of the surgery.


    ASPS Membership

     Dr. Motykie is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The ASPS is the world’s largest plastic surgery specialty organization, which represents nearly 95 percent of all board certified plastic surgeons in the United States.

    Each of the board certified plastic surgeons has obtained at least five years of surgical training, including a minimum of two years specifically in the specialty area of plastic surgery. Experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas.


    Media Appearances

    Dr. Motykie has consistently contributed to the field of plastic surgery in several ways. He has earned recognition in the media and has participated in top TV shows, including the E! Channel’s Dr 90210, the Discovery Channel’s Plastic surgery Before & After, his personal appearances on Extreme Dr 90210, celebrity plastic surgery, VH1, MTV, Inside Edition, Extra and Dr. Phil. He has been mentioned in leading publications such as the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal.


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    SmartGraft Hair Restoration in Beverly Hills

    SmartGraft Non-Surgical Hair Restoration in Beverly Hills |Medical Spa

    Hair loss is one of the common cosmetic concerns that affects both men and women, and may afflict even younger people. Hair transplant surgery is an established hair restoration procedure, but a lot of patients want less invasive solutions that do not involve plastic surgery. One of the most effective and less invasive alternatives that has emerged in this situation is SmartGraft technology for hair restoration.

    Dr. Gary Motykie provides SmartGraft hair restoration to suitable candidates who want to avoid traditional hair transplant techniques. Dr. Motykie strives to provide the latest, cutting edge cosmetic procedures to his patients that can address their problems in a safer, simpler, and more sustainable manner.

    He believes SmartGraft is one such technique that serves as a good alternative to hair transplant surgery. Experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Motykie provides SmartGraft to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations.


    SmartGraft Highlights

    SmartGraft differentiates itself from a range of other hair restoration techniques in a number of ways:

    • SmartGraft technology was developed by pre-eminent scientific professionals
    • The procedure involves no plastic surgery
    • The procedure can be performed in-office
    • Minimal or no discomfort is reported by most patients
    • Minimal downtime is involved
    • New hair growth is thicker and more lustrous
    • Results are permanent


    Natural Looking Outcomes

    SmartGraft technique ensures maximum precision and accuracy, which allows for optimal and natural looking hair restoration results. The provider can extract, count and separate the hair grafts in a gentle, yet precise way with SmartGraft. The chosen grafts are held in an environmentally controlled container for best preservation until implantation. These attributes help to achieve more natural looking outcomes.


    Fully Automated Technique

    SmartGraft, unlike traditional techniques, is an entirely automated hair restoration process. No manual handling is involved in sorting, counting, moistening and storing of the hair grafts. Automation allows the implant procedure to be faster, and the total duration of the procedure is cut down nearly by one-third.

    Apart from offering convenience and efficiency, automation helps to improve the success rate of the procedure. Maximum number of grafts can be preserved and transplanted successfully for permanent hair re-growth results. Experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for SmartGraft.



    As a first step, a small portion of hair at the back of the head will be shaved off in a discreet manner. The provider will then apply a local anesthetic in the target area, and remove grafts from the donor site with the help of a SmartGraft device. The automated process of collection, sorting, counting, and storing of the grafts in a sterile container will follow.

    Once the grafts have been stored, the treatment provider will prepare the recipient area and apply a local anesthetic. Tiny openings will be made in the implant site to place the grafts. The entire procedure of hair transplant will be completed in about five to six hours. The patient can return home the same day.


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    The American Society of Plastic Surgeons Report: Non-Invasive Kybella May Improve Your Neckline

    Non-Invasive Chin Fat Reduction | Beverly Hills Plastic SurgeryWhile the popularity of plastic surgery procedures has consistently risen over the years, there has been a surge in demand for non-surgical aesthetic procedures as well. According to the statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgery, injectable procedures such as Botox and facial fillers are among the most popular aesthetic procedures today.

    Allergan, Inc., the company that produces Botox, has now introduced Kybella, an FDA approved injectable procedure to enhance the neckline by dissolving excess fat below the chin. Dr. Gary Motykie is a dedicated cosmetic surgeon providing Kybella injectable treatment to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations.


    Choosing the Right Provider

    With Kybella injectable procedure, it is possible to reduce submental fat and significantly improve the neck line without involving plastic surgery. However, Kybella treatment should only be administered by a qualified and trained provider. The provider’s facility should be equipped to deliver the appropriate treatment modality for the patient’s unique circumstances.

    Just as in the case of surgical procedures, it is important in case for non-surgical treatments to choose the right candidates and identify the ones with contraindications. The provider should be in a position to offer comprehensive evaluation and care and treat specific concerns such as enhancement of the neckline using Kybella injections.

    Some experts recommend that a patient should not choose a place where Kybella is the only treatment being offered. The old adage, “If all you have is a hammer, the whole world is a nail” may prove true in some cases where the provider only offers a single treatment option such as Kybella.


    Who should Choose Kybella?

    The FDA has currently approved Kybella injections only for the cosmetic fat reduction under the chin. The candidate should ideally have a fair amount of elasticity in the skin in the submental region. The adipose tissue deposits in the submittal and chin neck angle should be mild to moderate. The candidate should not suffer from a major mandibular jaw aberration or have an extremely steep mandibular plain angle.


    Who should Avoid Kybella?

    Patients with considerable loose skin in the neck region, or a perceptible neck deflation due to weight loss with demarcated platysmal bands should not be administered Kybella injections. In such cases, reduction of fat tissue with Kybella may only worsen the deformity.    

    Patients having a significantly small sized chin with an oblique chin-neck angle and those with a deep underbite should also avoid Kybella injections. Kybella’s active ingredient is deoxycholic acid, which is designed to dissolve fat. But it also creates some inflammation to trigger fresh collagen production and skin retraction.

    Therefore, when the chin neck angle is oblique, the chin is recessive and the skin in the submental area is loose, the results may not be favorable with Kybella. Such patients should instead consider a combination of chin implants and liposuction. Experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Motykie provides Kybella injectable treatment and various other surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas.


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    SmartGraft Hair Loss Restoration Special Offer



    (when you purchase 2,000 or more grafts)



    Regrow your natural hair with a simple in-office procedure.




    SmartGraft™: A Smarter Hair Restoration Choice!

    It’s time to get Smart about hair loss. Hair restoration procedures used to require major surgery, leaving a large linear scar across the back of the head. Recovery time was slow and very uncomfortable. Newer Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technologies have been developed but are still slow and inefficient. SmartGraft offers a smarter option for both men and women searching for a permanent solution to hair loss.
    Developed by physicians, medical scientists, and engineers, SmartGraft uses a combination of precision craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology rather than a scalpel. The procedure can be done with more precision in less time than any other FUE method. Patients can go back to work in one or two days, and results look and feel completely natural.
    SmartGraft offers:
    – In-Office Procedure
    – Scarless
    – Quick Recovery
    – Virtually No Discomfort
    – Regrow Your Natural



    *Some restrictions apply, ask for details. Offer good while supplies last & schedule permits. Pricing good for surgery scheduled before August 31, 2016 and is only available if scheduling permits. May not be combined with any other discounts or promotions. Must be candidate for treatment as determined by Dr. Motykie or deemed by his Medical Staff.*   




    Rhinoplasty: Part Science, Part Art

    Rhinoplasty | Nose Reshaping Plastic Surgery | Beverly HillsNose is aesthetically a strategic component of the face. Even a slight alteration to the size, shape, or appearance of the nose can dramatically change the facial look. Therefore, a procedure such as nose reshaping plastic surgery should be performed by a surgeon who can approach it as a combination of science and art in order to produce an attractive nose that is fully functional and in harmony with the other facial features.

    The surgeon should take into account the unique aesthetic needs and aspirations of the patient and balance them against their essential facial structure and anatomy. A trained and experienced surgeon will be able to maintain this subtle balance and address the intricacies of rhinoplasty in a desirable way.

    Dr. Gary Motykie is an experienced cosmetic surgeon with board certification in plastic surgery. Dr. Motykie has been performing rhinoplasty procedure for several years with satisfactory results. He provides rhinoplasty to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations.


    Focus on Balance and Proportion

    When a patient is considering rhinoplasty surgery, they will most likely have one or more concerns related to the aesthetic aspects of the nose. The patient may be unhappy with the flat or wide nasal tip, or dislike their current nose profile. The surgeon will pay close attention to the patient’s personal cosmetic goals while performing rhinoplasty plastic surgery, but they will ensure that the desirable nose shape is not achieved at the cost of facial balance and proportion.

    Maintaining a natural harmony among various facial features while meeting the patient’s unique aesthetic goals will be the top concern of the surgeon. This can be ensured when the surgeon follows the principles of both science and art while performing rhinoplasty. For instance, if the patient wants to augment the nose size, the surgeon should take care that it does not make the chin look undermined.

    The pursuit of cosmetic goals should also not come at the cost of functionality. While reshaping the nostrils or reconstructing the nose, the cosmetic surgeon will have to ensure that the procedure does not result in breathing difficulties. A part science, part art approach to rhinoplasty can help to create optimal cosmetic results without compromising function.


    Subtle Enhancements

    Experienced surgeons know that in rhinoplasty, even millimeter of change to the shape or size of the nose holds vital aesthetic value. The overall nose and face aesthetics can be dramatically altered if the surgeon is not careful about approaching the changes in a subtle manner.

    For instance, even a seemingly simple task such as reduction or removal of a dorsal hump should be approached with careful attention to detail. The surgeon should reduce the hump with great caution. An experienced surgeon will shave off just one millimeter of bone at a time and then re-drape the skin to judge facial proportion.

    Similarly, the relationship between the nasal tip, the forehead notch and the new shape of the nose should be reviewed closely. Dr. Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas.


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