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    Dr. Motykie Patient Review: Revision Rhinoplasty, Chin Implant, Neck Lift, Buccal Fat Removal – Los Angeles, CA

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    “I’m a 32 years old male who had 2 previous Rhinoplasties one done in 1999 and the other 2001. My first Rhino was horrible all I needed was hump and tip reduction the surgeon ruined my nose he made it very saddle wide piggy nose. I Had to wait year and half so I can fix it. My second rhinoplasty was little better but still it was crooked, concave short feminine nose. I want it more masculine straight, higher, longer and make the tip more downward. So in 2014 I had online consultation with Dr. Motykie and at the time I gained a lot of weight and I always hated my chubby cheeks and double chin and I asked for neck lift and buccal fat removal. After seeing my photos he suggested to add chin implant to balance my profile. So we finalized that I would do the 4 procedures. I did my surgery on January 14 2015, and the results were amazing.

    When I met him in real for my consultation the day before surgery, he was very confident and we discussed what do I need in each procedure and he told me what would look best on me. He rushed a little bit during the consultation and I felt nervous but he was very confident and told me before surgery we will have another meeting to make sure everything is on track. During the day of the surgery we discussed everything in details. The 4 procedures took around 2 and half hours to 3 hours, I was worried after I woke up because it was very short time and I was afraid from the results. Here is my review for each procedure.

    Buccal fat, First I was very impressed of how my cheeks are more sculpted from second day which there were lots of bruising. After one month now my cheeks looks amazing very sculpted nice cheeks made huge difference. The recovery was easy, third day after surgery I was brushing my teeth but regarding eating it took me like 4 days to eat normally, first few days I couldn’t open my mouth normally because I had buccal fat, chin implant and neck lift so it was hard to chew the food.

    The necklift looks very nice contoured jaw line and no fat under my chin almost 95% of the fat is gone but it’s still some lumps but they told me it will be better by time. So I’m waiting to see final results in few months but from now it looks 95% perfect.

    My chin implant was very swollen the first week and I wasn’t very comfortable because of the stiffness I had crooked smile and I couldn’t pronounce the letter S I couldn’t talk properly. I had crooked lips and smile this stayed for like 3 weeks, week 4 for its like 95% natural. I talk normally now and swelling is much better than before but I will see final results in few months but from now it looks very natural and it fits my face very well, it made a difference in both frontal and profile view.

    My nose, the results are very good. High straight nose like I requested, I also wanted my radix to be little higher than before he made it for me, the nose is little longer and tip is little down but not the degree that I wanted but still it’s too early to judge because I’m just one month post-op and there is little supratip depression on my right side but it’s still lots of swelling so I will see in few months if its swelling or not. But the results overall is amazing.

    Overall Dr. Motykie and his staff are very professional and friendly Specially Jade and Menal both are amazing and always reply to my emails or calls after my surgery to ask any additional questions regarding post opt care. And the results are very good regarding the procedures I had I will defiantly recommend him hes’s worth it.” –  ahmedrs

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    In comparison to facial fillers and other non-invasive or minimally invasive aesthetic anti-aging treatments, facial fat grafting is a more effective and longer-lasting treatment by far. The key limitation of injectable filler treatments is that the results are not likely to last for more than a few months, or up to a year in most cases. At the same time, the outcomes may not be comprehensive or may fail to satisfy the patient’s aesthetic needs in an adequate manner.

    Outstanding Results with Facial Fat Grafting

    Facial fat grafting is a proven technique to produce more even, substantive and sustainable results. The procedure involves fat harvesting from a particular area of the body that has excess fat pockets and injecting it into the targeted areas of the face to replace lost volume. Results with facial fat grafting are not only deeper and longer lasting, but also aesthetically superior. The facial skin will achieve a regenerative, radiant effect with this technique.

    This unique procedure involves transfer of living fat cells from one part of the body to another, which means greater sustainability of results. The living fat cells will continue to counter the aging process, and the patient’s face will usually continue to look better over time. These harvested fat cells are not merely a storehouse for fat, but are living hormone factories that will help regenerate the skin from inside out. The result is that the aging effects can actually be reversed with this technique.

    Choosing the Right Donor Site

    An experienced plastic surgeon will know the importance of choosing the right donor site in order to have the best possible impact of treatment. Donor fat cells from areas such as thighs, hips, abdomen and underarms are typically more reliable and resilient. These fats are more stubborn and will not be easily impact by weight fluctuations.

    Facial Rejuvenation with Fat Grafting Before and After Photos

    facial rejuvenation fat grafting before and after photos

    facial rejuvenation fat grafting before and after photos

    facial rejuvenation fat grafting before and after photos
































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    32 year old female that underwent a Beverly Hills revision rhinoplasty for repair of a nose that was previously titled to high and left with a bulbous, misshapen tip; the patient also had facial fat grafting in the cheeks.

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