Notice of Data Incident
August 1, 2023

Dear Patients:
We post this Notice pursuant to the United States Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) to inform you about a data incident involving an unauthorized release of patient Protected Health Information (“PHI”), as that is defined by HIPAA, at Gary Motykie, M.D., a Medical Corporation and Gary Motykie, M.D. (“Practice”), a covered entity under HIPAA.

PHI, as defined by HIPAA, is information that is “created, received, maintained, or transmitted by or on behalf of the health care component of the Covered Entity.” § 164.105 (a)(2)(i)(D). Information that is created or received by a Covered Entity and that relates to the past, present, or future physical or mental health or condition of an individual; or the past, present, or future payment for the provision of healthcare to an individual is considered PHI. PHI is required to be protected when transmitted or maintained in any form by a Covered Entity. Individual identifiers (including but not limited to name, address, telephone number, fax, email address, social security number, medical record number, etc.) maintained in a designated record set along with health information (including but not limited to x-rays, images, scans, physician notes, diagnoses, treatment, eligibility approvals, claims, remittances, etc.) are collectively considered PHI.

Event Description:
On or about June 6, 2023, an initial technical analysis of the Practice’s information technology network determined an unauthorized release of PHI occurred to an unknown third party. The initial analysis determined that the unknown third party accessed the Practice’s network. It was further determined that the unknown third party acquired some of the Practice’s patient’s unencrypted PHI and that party was not authorized to do so and did so in an unlawful manner.

The information that may have been accessed or acquired during this unauthorized access included:

  • First and last name 
  • Social Security Number (if provided)
  • Address
  • Driver’s license or identification card number
  • Financial account or payment card number, in combination with any required CVV code
  • Intake forms, which may include medical information and history
  • Images taken in connection with the services rendered at our office
  • Health insurance information (if provided)
Steps Taken to Address:
Upon discovery, the Practice took the following immediate steps to address the situation:
  • Computers and servers replaced
  • Network passwords changed
  • Endpoint detection, virus, and malware detection tools and software installed on workstations and server
  • Limitations concerning Internet access
  • Access controls put in place for users based on role and responsibility
  • Server policies in place
  • Device locking mechanisms
  • Multi factor authentication enabled
  • Network segregation efforts
  • Encryption of devices
  • Additional workforce training
Risk Assessment:

The Practice conducted a risk assessment to evaluate the potential harm to potentially impacted individuals. Based on that assessment, it is determined that there is a high risk of harm. It is essential for potentially impacted individuals to remain vigilant in monitoring their personal accounts and data and promptly report any suspicious activity to law enforcement or their financial institutions.

Assistance and Resources:
Starting on or about June 22, 2023, letters were mailed to patients providing the following resources to assist the potentially impacted individuals, offering at no cost:
  • two (2) years of no cost Triple Bureau Credit Monitoring/Triple Bureau Credit Report/Triple Bureau Credit Score/Cyber Monitoring services.
  • the services also include reviewing whether Information appears on the dark web and alert the individual if such Information is found online.
  • proactive fraud assistance to help with any questions in event a potentially impacted persons becomes a victim of fraud.

Steps to Prevent Future Incidents: We deeply regret any inconvenience or concern this Incident may cause. The Practice is taking numerous steps to help prevent similar Incidents in the future. We will continue to review and enhance our security measures, policies, and employee training.

If you failed to receive your letter in the mail, and/or if there is a concern your mailing address has changed since you were a patient at the Practice, please contact 1-800-405-6108 or call our office immediately at 310-246-2355 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific time, Monday through Friday.

Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation | Chin Implant Beverly Hills

Chin AugmentationA chin augmentation is a common procedure that is performed to correct a “weak” chin, strengthen the jawline and improve the balance of the facial profile. A small or weak chin can make the neck appear “fatty” and undefined as well as give the lower face a “grumpy” or “pouty” expression.

Therefore, a chin augmentation not only corrects a weak chin, it also creates a more pleasant facial expression, lengthens the neck and creates a more defined and sculpted jawline. Lastly, a weak chin can also make the nose appear larger in the profile view. Adding projection to the chin with a chin implant can help balance a profile and sometimes lessen the need for a rhinoplasty. In some cases, both a chin implant and rhinoplasty are performed together in order to balance a profile and improve facial harmony with the remaining facial features.

Some surgeons perform a chin augmentation through an incision placed underneath the chin which results in an external scar on the neck. Dr. Motykie prefers to perform a chin augmentation through an incision placed inside of the mouth in order to avoid any visible scar on the face or neck. During the surgery, a small solid silicone implant is placed along the jawbone in order to add projection to the chin. Chin augmentation techniques have recently become much more simplified because the majority of the old complicated bone and/or cartilage graft techniques have been abandoned for the more predictable, less traumatic techniques that utilize prefabricated silicone implants.   It should be mentioned that the implant does not add vertical length to the chin because some patients misunderstand a chin augmentation and falsely believe that it will create a “witches chin” or a Jay Leno type chin. This is certainly not the case and the surgery only adds projection in the profile view and not length in the frontal view of the face. A chin implant also corrects the “pouty” look to the lower face and creates a more pleasant, balanced facial expression after the surgery.  In the long term, the implant becomes attached to the jawbone and it cannot be moved, felt or dislodged by physical contact, sports or facial expressions.


During your consultation, Dr Motykie will address your desires from chin augmentation surgery and he will give you a clearer understanding of how the surgery may best be able to meet your own needs and expectations.  Dr Motykie will also give you an opportunity to ask him any question you may have about chin augmentation surgery as well as its possible benefits in your particular case. When going into your consultation, it is wise to come with questions written down and have a general understanding of the overall procedure so you can be prepared to learn as much as possible during your visit with Dr Motykie. Sometime during your consultation Dr Motykie may have you look through a book that contains numerous photographs of different results from facial surgery in order to help you determine what type of facial features you personally find attractive as well as which technique may best help you to achieve your desired outcome from surgery. You are also encouraged to bring in photographs you may have obtained on your own from magazines or various internet websites which show the desired “look” you would like to achieve from surgery. Dr Motykie has found that looking through these types of photographs as well as reviewing his personal surgery portfolio.

Although a chin augmentation is a relatively simple procedure, it still requires good judgment, skill and a good aesthetic eye in order to balance the profile properly and enhance facial harmony.  During your consultation, Dr Motykie will evaluate your overall facial contours, the underlying bone structure, as well as your lip to chin ratio. Before proceeding with a chin implant the occlusion (alignment of the teeth) must always be examined first in order to make certain that the bones of the jaw are in proper alignment. Photographs will be taken so Dr Motykie can further study your face and utilize state of the art computer imaging systems to show you what a chin implant can personally do for you. Moreover, we welcome you to bring images that can help us ascertain what your goals are with surgery. While non-surgical chin augmentation with fillers can be done I always stress that it is a non-permanent solution because with time the fillers will disappear along with the money you spent on them in the first place. . Lastly, patients with a small chin often notice a slight ”weakness” in their chin or jawline that lends to a “pouty” or frowning appearance. This facial expression is also corrected with the placement of the chin implant which leads to a more pleasant facial expression after the surgery.

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You should leave your consultation with a preliminary game plan for your surgery.  Cost is always a consideration in elective surgery. At the conclusion of your consultation you will have the opportunity to meet with Dr Motykie’s surgical consultant who will be able to explain to you the possible cost and timing of your breast lift procedure. Cost may include surgeon’s fee, surgical facility costs, anesthesia fees, prescription medications, post-surgery garments, and medical screening tests. Dr Motykie’s consultant will also be able to explain to you all of your possible financing options. Remember, a surgeon’s price for surgery will vary based on their experience, the type of procedure being performed as well as the geographic location of their office. Please do not bargain shop for your plastic surgery but also make sure that you are not overpaying for your procedure by doing your homework, online research and obtaining several opinions from different board certified plastic surgeons before making your final decision about having your own breast lift procedure.

For your own personal and confidential consultation, contact Dr. Motykie’s office today. Dr Motykie will answer all of your questions and together you can determine which procedure best fits your desires and needs. Remember, it is impossible for a surgeon to tell you the best approach for you without first listening to your desires and concerns and then performing a physical examination of your breasts and surrounding tissue. Out of town patients may send photographs in order to have a online consultation performed by Dr Motykie.

To find out more about Chin Implants please contact us at 310-246-2355

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