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Breast Massage

The breast implants are placed in a sub-muscular position for a natural look that avoids wrinkling in the cleavage area. Gravity allows the implant to sit in the lower pole of the breast and fill the inferior portion of the surgically created breast pocket.
The Yellow Area represents the oversized implant pocket developed at the time of the breast surgery.
The Blue Overlay represents the breast implant resting in the lower portion of the oversized sub-muscular pocket.
The breast massage is intended to displace the breast implant from its normal resting position up into the superior pocket space. This maneuver allows the pocket to heal larger than the implant, thereby preventing internal capsular scar contracture and hardening of the breast.
You will begin breast massage exercises one week following your surgery and you will be asked to demonstrate your breast massage technique until mastery is demonstrated. The massages should be performed for 5 minutes 3 times a day for 3 months and then once a day forever. This is well invested time that is critical to maintaining soft, natural feeling breasts.
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