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    Long-term Facial Rejuvenation with Fat Grafting

    In comparison to facial fillers and other non-invasive or minimally invasive aesthetic anti-aging treatments, facial fat grafting is a more effective and longer-lasting treatment by far. The key limitation of injectable filler treatments is that the results are not likely to last for more than a few months, or up to a year in most cases. At the same time, the outcomes may not be comprehensive or may fail to satisfy the patient’s aesthetic needs in an adequate manner.

    Outstanding Results with Facial Fat Grafting

    Facial fat grafting is a proven technique to produce more even, substantive and sustainable results. The procedure involves fat harvesting from a particular area of the body that has excess fat pockets and injecting it into the targeted areas of the face to replace lost volume. Results with facial fat grafting are not only deeper and longer lasting, but also aesthetically superior. The facial skin will achieve a regenerative, radiant effect with this technique.

    This unique procedure involves transfer of living fat cells from one part of the body to another, which means greater sustainability of results. The living fat cells will continue to counter the aging process, and the patient’s face will usually continue to look better over time. These harvested fat cells are not merely a storehouse for fat, but are living hormone factories that will help regenerate the skin from inside out. The result is that the aging effects can actually be reversed with this technique.

    Choosing the Right Donor Site

    An experienced plastic surgeon will know the importance of choosing the right donor site in order to have the best possible impact of treatment. Donor fat cells from areas such as thighs, hips, abdomen and underarms are typically more reliable and resilient. These fats are more stubborn and will not be easily impact by weight fluctuations.

    Facial Rejuvenation with Fat Grafting Before and After Photos

    Long-term Facial Rejuvenation with Fat Grafting

    Long-term Facial Rejuvenation with Fat Grafting

    Long-term Facial Rejuvenation with Fat Grafting
































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