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Standardized Steps for Successful Facial Fat Grafting

An experienced fat grafting plastic surgeon will understand the importance of using proven, standardized techniques for facial fat grafting in order to achieve optimal outcomes. If the surgeon manages to standardize the basic steps for harvesting, purifying, and injecting the fat grafts, the results can be more predictable and matching with the patient’s aesthetic goals. Some of the key steps that should be standardized in facial fat grafting are as follows:

  • As far as possible, the surgeon should opt for general anesthesia to perform the facial fat grafting procedure. This avoids the possibility of destruction of adipose derived stem cells due to local anesthetics containing lidocaine as well as risk to smooth blood supply that is important for grafting.
  • Fat removal should be performed using traditional liposuction techniques rather than laser or ultrasound based techniques. This will ensure better safety of fat cells that need to be harvested.
  • Fat harvesting and purification should be performed delicately, applying minimal pressure in order to preserve the integrity of fat cells.
  • Fat transfer using injections should be performed immediately so that the fat cells are not destroyed in absence of blood supply.
  • Outcomes can be more natural looking if the surgeon places fat micro-droplets in multiple layers of the face. More effective blood supply is ensured with this technique, and the longevity of fat cells is improved.
  • Frozen compressions in the treated area should be avoided because freezing temperatures may kill the harvested fat cells.
  • A large part of the post-op swelling will resolve quickly if the head of the bed is elevated for the first few days.
  • Fat-burning exercising should be avoided for the first few weeks following surgery so that the newly grafted fat cells are preserved.

Patients should choose a plastic surgeon with sufficient experience in facial fat grafting in order to achieve outstanding and salient aesthetic results.

Facial Rejuvenation with Fat Grafting Before and After Photos

facial rejuvenation fat grafting before and after photos

facial rejuvenation fat grafting before and after photos

facial rejuvenation fat grafting before and after photos
































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