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    Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)
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    About Tummy Tuck

    Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) </br><span class="smh1">Beverly Hills</span>Although a flat, well-toned abdomen is something many of us strive for, sometimes we simply cannot achieve our goals alone. Although diet and exercise programs may help improve abdominal muscle tone and decrease overall body fat, they cannot help repair stretched abdominal skin or separated abdominal muscles that can result from pregnancy are significant weight fluctuations. The only known way to correct these sorts of problems is through an abdominoplasty procedure. An abdominoplasty (also known as a “tummy tuck”) is an abdominal contouring procedure that is performed to help patients that have developed saggy abdominal skin, stretch marks and/or an abdominal “pooch.”

    It is easier to understand what an abdominoplasty can achieve if we think of the abdomen as being made up of three important and distinct layers; muscle, fat and skin. Any of these three layers can be stretched, distorted or damaged with weight gain and/or pregnancy. With moderate increase in weight gain, the abdominal skin can become stretched beyond repair. After weight loss and return of the abdomen to a more normal volume, some fat may be lost, but the resulting stretch marks and loose skin can remain permanently. With more extreme expansion of the abdomen such as can occur with pregnancy, the stomach muscles can also become “stretched” or separated resulting in a “pooch” that can distort the normal contour of the abdomen. At this point, exercise and diet cannot completely restore the normal appearance of the abdomen and surgical correction is the only way to return the abdomen to its normal aesthetic appearance. In recent years, the abdominoplasty procedure has been refined to an art form. Instead of simply removing excess fat and stretched skin, the abdomen and waist can now be contoured and sculpted with an incision hidden low enough to be undetectable in most clothing as well as allowing the creation of a belly button that appears natural and youthful. As abdominoplasty techniques continue to evolve, newer methods continue to emerge that allow for smaller incisions, faster recovery and superior results that are more consistent with modern day lifestyles and patient preferences.

    Although both men and women can benefit from a tummy tuck, the effects of childbirth on a woman’s body is the most common reason for a patient to seek this type of surgery. A tummy tuck is also often combined with other body and breast contouring procedures as part of a “mommy makeover.” The ideal abdominoplasty patient is someone with no major health problems that wishes to repair stretched abdominal muscles and remove excess skin that will not return to normal without surgical intervention.Though the recovery period can be somewhat longer than that of other cosmetic procedures, the rewards are great for a patient previously distressed by a bulging abdomen containing stretch marks.

    Although a tummy tuck can successfully create a more youthful and healthy looking appearance of the abdomen, it is not a substitute for weight loss or an appropriate exercise program before and after surgery. If you are more than 15% over your ideal body weight, weight loss through diet and exercise is a healthier alternative than any surgical procedure. Also, those patients who follow a proper exercise routine and healthy diet before and after surgery will benefit the most from an abdominoplasty. With a balanced diet and regular exercise, the results of an abdominoplasty can be longer-lasting and more effective. Many patients ask if they should begin diet and exercise before or after an abdominoplasty. My answer is “both.” If you begin an exercise and diet program before surgery, you will be more likely to return to that same routine after your surgery. This type of lifestyle change will only improve your overall health, your ability to heal and your final outcome from any surgical procedure.

    In the following pages, Dr. Motykie has provided detailed information on having an abdominoplasty procedure from the day of your consultation through having the surgery and its long term expectations. Follow the links below to learn as much as you can about having an abdominoplasty with Dr Motykie.  We hope you find the information helpful and educational. If you decide you may want to have your abdominoplasty performed by Dr. Motykie, you can follow the link at the bottom of the page at any time to schedule a consultation with Dr Motykie.

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