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    5 DAYS ONLY! 
    (October 28- November 1)

    Pumpkin Facial

    Motykie Med Spa Signature Facial with Pumpkin Mask
    Your skin transformation includes a full skin analysis, essential oil steam, deep cleanse, extractions, peeling scrub, and enzyme pumpkin mask with your choice of hand, foot or scalp massage.
    Signature Facial for $99 (reg. $149)/ Package 6- Buy 4 get 2 FREE! $556 (reg. $834) *20% OFF Skincare Regimen


    BOTOX for the Scary Low Price of $9/Unit

    Don’t hide your wrinkles under a mask this Holiday, “Boo”-tox them away with BOTOX Cosmetic Injections.  Special may not be combined with any other discounts, specials or promotions.


     $9/unit when you purchase 25 units or more (reg. $13/unit). May not be combined with any other discounts.  


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    Choose a Peel

    Your Choice of Mesoesthetic Peel
    (1) Skin Recovery Peel: Mild/moderate
    photoaging, acne
    & oily skin
    (2) BioC Peel: Premature skin aging, toning & brightening
    (3) TCAge Peel: Mild/moderate signs of skin aging. Powerful dermal repair.$75 Each
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    *Some restrictions apply, ask for details.  Offers expire November 1, 2014.  Limit one item per patient and offers may be pre-purchased for later use. Offers good while supplies last or schedule permits.Offers may not be combined with any other discounts, incentives or promotions.Patients must be candidates for service, procedure or product as determined by Dr. Motykie and/or Medical Spa Professional.

    Motykie Med Spa’s Circuit Event II: Wellness Seeker’s Dream Come True

    CIRCUIT II b 1Motykie Med Spa’s Circuit Event II this weekend was a wellness seeker’s dream come true as the leading professionals in health and beauty were gathered under one roof to offer guidance on the latest resources for your personal well being in their field.

    A jovial spirit of warmth and good intention filled the air as I floated from one specialist to the next at this fun and educational event. Every doctor and representative I met had a wealth of information on ways to improve my body and mind in an organic way. Taking the lead, of course, was the one and only Dr. Gary Motykie who generously took the time to consult clients on his revolutionary approach to plastic surgery. Healthy refreshments and appetizers from ZICO Pure Coconut Water and My Fit Foods were not only a delicious addition to the festivities but a welcome discovery of new and convenient ways to maintain a wholesome diet. There were so many amazing vendors present championing the worthy cause of personal wellness, I couldn’t get to them all. There are, however, a few specialists I’ll mention who stood out in my opinion.

    Amongst the talented doctors, massage therapists, aestheticians and holistic nutritionalists on hand, shedding light on the innovations in individualizing nutrition and fitness were Reset Yourself Method and Caligenix. Reset Yourself Method creates a tailor made guide to gaining true balance in your body through Hair Mineral Analysis. The Method provides a detailed map for supplementing any deficiencies keeping you from optimal health and vitality. Caligenix similarly offers understanding of your individuality through the science of DNA testing. Their window into how your genetic structure plays a vital role in the way your metabolism functions and the specific role diet and exercise should play in your life is mind blowingly detailed. I also had the exciting experience of receiving a hyperbaric oxygen treatment from a portable unit provided by Healing Dives, Inc. This unique therapy is used internationally to treat a wide variety of conditions such as autism, cancer, Fibromyalgia and spinal cord injuries, to name a few. Healing Dives, Inc. offers a portable way to take advantage of the healing benefits of oxygen therapy conveniently in your own home and will also be coming to Motykie Med Spa soon!

    I wish I had the time to elaborate on how every specialist present made the correlation between health and beauty crystal clear during this marvelous event. You’ll just have to make sure not to miss the next Circuit Event at Motykie Med Spa!




    KTLA Health Smart Segment: The Healing Curve Breast Cancer Charity [VIDEO]

    Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie offers a helping hand to women who have beaten breast cancer but are still struggling with body image issues from the scar left behind.

    Dr. Gary Motykie started The Healing Curve to lend a helping hand to women who have beaten breast cancer but are left with deformity from the treatments that saved their lives. Many insurance companies do not cover the cost of breast reconstruction surgeries and the foundation offers survivors the chance to rebuild their bodies to feel like themselves again.

    Lu Parker reports on KTLA News at 10pm on October 21, 2014.


    For more information on The Healing Curve visit the website.

    To see more services and treatments provided by Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Motykie in Beverly Hills | Los Angeles and his team please visit:

    KTLA Health Smart Segment: Wellness Weekend with Dr. Motykie

    Instead of taking the weekend to stray from your diet and sit on the couch watching football, head over to Dr. Gary Motykie’s office for a weekend of holistic healing. With experts in a variety of health and beauty fields there to educate and demonstrate their wellness specialties it is sure to leave you feeling refreshed for the Monday ahead.

    Lu Parker reports for KTLA News. Watch Video:


    To see more services and treatments provided by Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Motykie in Beverly Hills | Los Angeles and his team please visit:

    KTLA Health Smart Segment: “Internet Isn’t Only Source to Evaluate Doctors” [VIDEO]

    When researching a doctor, the Internet can provide some guidance, but it should not be on the only source for information, according to an expert who spoke to KTLA.

    To see more services and treatments provided by Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Motykie in Beverly Hills | Los Angeles and his team please visit:

    Dr. Motykie & The Healing Curve Charity featured on

    Dr. Motykie and The Healing Curve breast cancer charity were featured this week on

    Certified Fabulous covers skin care and beauty products. Offers reviews on the latest products, beauty tips, information on beauty supplies, nail care, and cosmetics. Each month the site attracts over 40,000 unique visitors.

    certified fabulous logoTheir network of writers are constantly researching a plethora of new trends, cutting edge ingredients, applications and innovative ideas, using their years of experience in the beauty industry to only report on exceptional products that are true to their promises.

    Each quarter they collectively vote on products that are the most effective, use-friendly and overall sensational, by awarding them with the “Certified F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. Seal of Approval.”

    Click here to read Dr. Motykie’s interview


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    Medical Esthetician Lara Lovett Completes Program in CoolSculpting University

    CoolSculpting Premier Crystal Award logoMotykie Medical Spa takes pride in its team of medical estheticians and other staff members who provide innovative and effective non-surgical treatments to patients in a personalized and caring way. Lara Lovett is a highly skilled and experienced esthetician who is well versed in a wide range of customized cosmetic treatments to achieve the best outcomes.

    Qualifications and Experience

    Lara is a dual licensed aesthetician, both in the United States and Europe. This unique privilege has allowed her to acquire a diverse range of skills and training in some of the cutting edge aesthetic treatments around the world. She is driven by a passion to achieve complete satisfaction for her patients who need skin care for their specific concerns. She is also an expert in the arena of body treatments.

    Lara likes to update her skills and education constantly and shares her knowledge and experiences with her patients to help them manage their skin issues and care for their skin and body. She has more than 10 years of experience in the beauty industry, which equips her to handle some of the most peculiar and challenging aesthetic concerns of her patients with professional ease and efficiency.

    Completion of CoolSculpting University Program

    Lara has added yet another feather to her cap of achievements by completing the CoolSculpting University program at the ZELTIQ Training Center in Pleasanton. The experience has equipped her with innovative tools and strategies that will allow her to effectively address the patients’ aesthetic goals of body contouring. With the accomplishment of this program, Lara is now a comprehensive Treatment to Transformation (T2T) expert in CoolSculpting.

    CoolSculpting Premier Crystal Award

    Motykie Medical Spa recently earned a coveted distinction of being awarded the Top CoolSculpting Clinic in Beverly Hills and received the prestigious Premier Crystal Award. The med spa is completely dedicated to its goal of achieving the unique aesthetic goals of its patients who seek fat reduction without having to undergo plastic surgery. Its outstanding record of successful results, patient feedback and overall reputation in the community has led Motykie Med Spa to emerge as the leading, award-winning clinic.

    Advanced Equipment

    Motykie Med Spa is fitted with state of the art CoolSculpting equipment that is designed to provide a non-surgical opportunity to patients to reduce stubborn fat pockets and achieve enhanced body contour. The med spa has achieved exceptional and impressive results with its advanced CoolSculpting systems. It has also recently acquired the CoolFit applicator, which enables experienced estheticians such as Lara Lovett to perform the procedure more effectively.

    With the CoolFit applicator, the aesthetician can effectively treat additional areas such as arms, calves, inner knees, among others. This provides a new opportunity to address stubborn fat pockets in areas that were previously treated only through invasive procedures such as liposuction.

    CoolSculpting procedure has been developed by scientists from Harvard University. It was cleared by the FDA in 2012 for aesthetic treatments. The unique CoolSculpting process employs a targeted cooling process to disintegrate unwanted fat cells in the deeper layers of the skin simply by freezing them off.

    To see more services and treatments provided by Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Motykie in Beverly Hills | Los Angeles and his team please visit:


    CIRCUIT II at Motykie Medspa Saturday October 18th from 2pm to 6pm

    We have put together a comprehensive team of practitioners to help you achieve optimal wellness. Join us for an event that is sure to inspire you to be your own Wellness Warrior!

    IV Therapy (Myers Cocktail) + Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy + Skin Analysis+ Lymphatic Colon Therapy Consults + Spine/Posture Evaluation + Hair Mineral Analysis +

    Mini Dental Exams + DNA Testing + Body Fat Analysis + Diet Evaluation + Hand Massage + Brow Shaping + Juice Tasting + Functional Apparel Trunk Show + Book Signing

    Contact for details 

    or call 310-276-6772

    **First 20 to RSVP Receive a Goodie Bag**

    CoolSculpting – “The Cherry on Top” Patient Testimonial [VIDEO]

    Your Wellness and Aesthetics

    Motykie Med Spa is dedicated to providing state of the art aesthetic, skin care, anti-aging, and fat reduction treatments to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, West Hollywood and surrounding areas. One of the most sought after non-invasive procedures offered at the medical spa is CoolSculpting. For a new patient, an excellent way to learn and gain real insights about a procedure can be when a past patient is willing to open their heart and share their actual experience and results about the procedure.

    Hylan’s Experience

    Hylan is a Los Angeles, CA based individual who, at one time, weighed 306 pounds, and was concerned about the appearance of love handles and excess fat deposits in his lower abdominal area. Hylan decided to go ahead with CoolSculpting at Motykie Med Spa, which is led by the reputed plastic surgeon, Dr. Gary Motykie.

    Hylan was seeking a supportive procedure that could help provide a boost to his commitment to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. He did not wish to go through an invasive surgery procedure, and was determined to improve his diet and exercise so that he would be able to maintain the results of a non-invasive procedure for the long-term.

    The team of experts, led by Dr. Motykie, at Motykie Med Spa carefully tried to understand the needs, goals, and aspirations of Hylan with regard to his body appearance, and his commitment to maintain a healthy lifestyle following a non-invasive fat reduction procedure.

    Fat Reduction with CoolSculpting

    The team at Motykie Med Spa, after a detailed deliberation and a close evaluation of Hylan’s condition and mindset, decided to recommend CoolSculpting procedure. Hylan managed to achieve a significant reduction in the appearance of love handles. Within a few weeks, he was able to notice a 25 percent reduction in his lower abdomen, which was his major cause of concern.

    This was Hylan’s first experience with CoolSculpting, and the results were astonishingly positive. More importantly, the outcome with CoolSculpting helped build Hylan’s confidence in his own ability to maintain his overall appearance and fitness levels. CoolSculpting provided the much-needed boost to push him to adopt an active lifestyle and follow a healthy and balanced diet.

    The highlight of Hylan’s case was that his commitment to maintain a regular regimen of diet and exercise performed the real magic, while CoolSculpting provided the proverbial “cherry on top.” Hylan has been highly satisfied with his experience at Motykie medical spa. He is particularly grateful to the friendly and caring staff that made his overall experience completely worthwhile.

    Recovery Experience

    One of the best things about CoolSculpting is that the procedure does not involve any cuts, incisions or even injections. A mild level of discomfort in the treated area may be experienced by some patients initially, but it is not something that can cause a specific hindrance to work or pose any risk. Dr. Motykie and his team were always available at the med spa to provide reassurance to Hylan during his recovery phase. All he needed was advil and cortisone cream during the recovery period to achieve better comfort.

    Dr. Motykie becomes a Top Plastic Surgeon

    RealSelf Top Doctor Award

    realself-top-doctor award beverly hillsRealSelf Top Doctor (TOP) status is awarded to less than 10% of the RealSelf doctor community.  This status is earned by achieving high patient satisfaction (as reported in RealSelf reviews), getting favorable feedback on their expert answers, and after investing significant time in Q&A and other doctor activity.  Minimum Contribution Standards* must be met to be eligible for this status.

    RealSelf Top Doctors are eligible for annual RealSelf Top Doctor awards by completing the minimum contribution standards:

    • 75 minimum answers overall
    • 10 minimum answers every 90 days
    • 3 minimum patient reviews
    • High ratio of “helpful votes” to answered questions

    Since its founding in 2006, RealSelf has created the world’s largest community for learning and sharing information about cosmetic surgery, dermatology, dentistry, and other elective treatments. The site has an extensive collections of reviews, photos, and doctor Q&A and has become a trusted resource for those who are looking for help beyond the beauty counter.