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    Dr. Gary Motykie Reviews & Recommendations

    Reviews of Dr. Gary Motykie, M.D.™ are shown below. We know that patient reviews and ratings are an important factor to anyone contemplating an aesthetic change.

    Rather than have you hunt around the web for our real patient testimonials, these postings come from unbiased web communities, where millions go to learn more about cosmetic procedures and treatments.

    RealSelf Patient Reviews of Gary Motykie, MD

    “Dr. Motykie is so talented and kind and really an artist. I would recommend him for any person who would like to become more beautiful. He also has the most wonderful team of women who make you feel very looked after. Diana, Shegall, and Menal were so kind to me and made me feel very safe and cared for.” – A.C.

    “I am so happy that I chose Dr. Motykie to perform my rhinoplasty. I was a little nervous to make the trip out to LA from Canada because I was a little skeptical about his before and after pictures online because they almost looked like they were photoshopped they were SO GOOD, but I can tell you they are all 100% real. I am now 7 days post op and I AM SO HAPPY with the results and can honestly say he is the best plastic surgeon in the WORLD. He is a true artist with amazing talent and skill. Dr. Motykie and his staff treated my family and I AMAZING. They made us feel so welcomed and comfortable the entire stay. I honestly could not be happier with my new nose. Thank you DR. Motykie!” – I.N.

    “Today was my third time with Dr. Neekan, and not only that she’s the BEST out there. 
    The first time I did my lips with her is after I had a bad experience with a different doctor and she didn’t do what I asked for which is my upper lip just a full as the bottom one! 
    After I came to dr. Neekan she understood exactly what I meant and the results where absolutely PERFECT I didn’t not even have one complaint!
    She takes her time with every patient which is very professional and she makes sure ur happy with the results and if your not she will not rest until you are! 

    This is my third time coming back to her and right away she knew what she’s going to do and where I need more or less from the previous treatment, without even explaining her. I have never met a doc with OCD like she does and that’s prob the best thing u can get when u do anything plastic on your face or body! 

    The place in general was amazing the staff, RN’s and front desk know what they are doing and they do it with love, they are very professional and they care for the patients from the moment you walk in! 
    Absolutely the best place I’ve been at so far and will never ever change Dr. Neekan  for ANYONE! 

    Most important for the quality I got the prices are 100% fair, and the service and timing  

    I highly recommend everyone to go there and specially to Dr. neekan!

    Thank you guys for everything I will be back again” – D.A.

    “Dr. Motykie is a very skilled and talented surgeon. I’ve not only trusted him for my own surgical procedures, but have placed my trust in him treating my precious children. Everyone’s results have been better than expected and I’m sure the entire family will continue to go to him years to come. I want to thank him and his fantastic team for their care, expertise and most importantly our beautiful results. 

    We are also consistent clients at his fabulous med spa and have also continued to get the best of care. The Motykie Med Spa team is very knowledgeable, talented and provide top quality surgery. Specifically I would like to thank his wonderful manager Shine’e for always taking such great care of us.” – H.A.

    “I love, love, love my surgeon Dr Motykie! Besides being an amazingly skilled surgeon, he has an excellent and comforting bedside manner. He’s positive and upbeat and you can feel he really enjoys what he does, working with you to get the results you want. I’m loving my new look only 3 weeks post surgery, despite some swelling and discomfort along with the tiredness I have recovering from 6 hours of surgery. Not bad for 63 yrs old and not having any surgery since I had my tonsils out as a kid! Dr Motykie’s well trained, kind, compassionate staff has been so supportive to me all throughout my journey , never making me feel like I’m a burden to them, despite my almost daily post surgery calls and messages. Special shout out to Shegell, Menal and Diana! Even the surgical staff were sweet. I will definitely look forward to working with Dr Motykie if I opt for any surgery in the future!” – K.E.