Notice of Data Incident
August 1, 2023

Dear Patients:
We post this Notice pursuant to the United States Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) to inform you about a data incident involving an unauthorized release of patient Protected Health Information (“PHI”), as that is defined by HIPAA, at Gary Motykie, M.D., a Medical Corporation and Gary Motykie, M.D. (“Practice”), a covered entity under HIPAA.

PHI, as defined by HIPAA, is information that is “created, received, maintained, or transmitted by or on behalf of the health care component of the Covered Entity.” § 164.105 (a)(2)(i)(D). Information that is created or received by a Covered Entity and that relates to the past, present, or future physical or mental health or condition of an individual; or the past, present, or future payment for the provision of healthcare to an individual is considered PHI. PHI is required to be protected when transmitted or maintained in any form by a Covered Entity. Individual identifiers (including but not limited to name, address, telephone number, fax, email address, social security number, medical record number, etc.) maintained in a designated record set along with health information (including but not limited to x-rays, images, scans, physician notes, diagnoses, treatment, eligibility approvals, claims, remittances, etc.) are collectively considered PHI.

Event Description:
On or about June 6, 2023, an initial technical analysis of the Practice’s information technology network determined an unauthorized release of PHI occurred to an unknown third party. The initial analysis determined that the unknown third party accessed the Practice’s network. It was further determined that the unknown third party acquired some of the Practice’s patient’s unencrypted PHI and that party was not authorized to do so and did so in an unlawful manner.

The information that may have been accessed or acquired during this unauthorized access included:

  • First and last name 
  • Social Security Number (if provided)
  • Address
  • Driver’s license or identification card number
  • Financial account or payment card number, in combination with any required CVV code
  • Intake forms, which may include medical information and history
  • Images taken in connection with the services rendered at our office
  • Health insurance information (if provided)
Steps Taken to Address:
Upon discovery, the Practice took the following immediate steps to address the situation:
  • Computers and servers replaced
  • Network passwords changed
  • Endpoint detection, virus, and malware detection tools and software installed on workstations and server
  • Limitations concerning Internet access
  • Access controls put in place for users based on role and responsibility
  • Server policies in place
  • Device locking mechanisms
  • Multi factor authentication enabled
  • Network segregation efforts
  • Encryption of devices
  • Additional workforce training
Risk Assessment:

The Practice conducted a risk assessment to evaluate the potential harm to potentially impacted individuals. Based on that assessment, it is determined that there is a high risk of harm. It is essential for potentially impacted individuals to remain vigilant in monitoring their personal accounts and data and promptly report any suspicious activity to law enforcement or their financial institutions.

Assistance and Resources:
Starting on or about June 22, 2023, letters were mailed to patients providing the following resources to assist the potentially impacted individuals, offering at no cost:
  • two (2) years of no cost Triple Bureau Credit Monitoring/Triple Bureau Credit Report/Triple Bureau Credit Score/Cyber Monitoring services.
  • the services also include reviewing whether Information appears on the dark web and alert the individual if such Information is found online.
  • proactive fraud assistance to help with any questions in event a potentially impacted persons becomes a victim of fraud.

Steps to Prevent Future Incidents: We deeply regret any inconvenience or concern this Incident may cause. The Practice is taking numerous steps to help prevent similar Incidents in the future. We will continue to review and enhance our security measures, policies, and employee training.

If you failed to receive your letter in the mail, and/or if there is a concern your mailing address has changed since you were a patient at the Practice, please contact 1-800-405-6108 or call our office immediately at 310-246-2355 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific time, Monday through Friday.

Your Body Lift Plastic Surgery Consultation

Your Body Lift Plastic Surgery Consultation

Your Body Lift Plastic Surgery Consultation | Beverly Hills SurgeonA major plastic surgery procedure such as body lift should be preceded by a comprehensive consultation process to create a good foundation for a successful surgery. The surgeon will be able to understand the patient’s unique concerns during the consultation, and create a body lift plan tailored to address those concerns.

The consultation will also give an opportunity to the patient to become more familiar with the surgeon and the practice, and learn about various aspects of body lift in order to make a well-considered choice.

Dedicated cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie provides lower and upper body lift procedures to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding communities.

Determining Candidacy

One of the key steps in the body lift consultation process will be to determine the patient’s candidacy. Body lift can be an extensive plastic surgery procedure, which requires the patient to be in a healthy and fit condition to sustain the surgery as well as general anesthesia. The surgeon will ask questions about the patient’s current health status and also review their past medical records.

Assessing Cosmetic Goals

Each patient will have their own unique cosmetic goals and aspirations. The surgeon will encourage the patient to share these innate cosmetic needs during the consultation, and will try to balance them and incorporate them into the body lift surgical plan. The surgeon’s aim will be to minimize the surgery while maximizing the aesthetic results.

Customized Surgical Plan

Based on the patient’s inputs about their unique cosmetic goals, their anatomical needs as well as their general health condition, the surgeon will create a customized body lift surgery plan. The plan may combine both upper and lower body procedures, or only address one or two sites.

Liposuction fat reduction may be added with body lift in some cases. The surgeon will create the plan in such a way that minimum incisions are required and targeted results are achieved with least trauma.

Questions and Answers

The consultation session will provide an opportunity to the patient to clear all their concerns and doubts about the body lift procedure as well as the surgeon’s practice. Patients should feel free to ask questions, and satisfy themselves completely before they decide to go ahead with the surgery. Body lift before and after photos as well as past patient testimonials may also be presented before the patient at this time.

Other Information and Tips

The surgeon will provide tips and guidelines during the body lift consultation for pre-op preparation and post-op recovery. Restrictions on smoking and certain types of medications may be temporarily imposed. Patient will be advised to arrange for transportation and aftercare as required.

The surgeon or their team will discuss the costs, insurance and financing aspects to assist the patient with the payment for the body lift procedure. If the patient wants, they may have a brief office tour and interact with one of the staff members to learn more about the surgeon’s practice. Dedicated and remarkable cosmetic surgeon Dr. Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and other areas in this part of The Golden State for body lift.

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Body Lift Before and After Pictures

Body Lift Before and After Pictures | Beverly Hills Plastic SurgeryBody lift plastic surgery procedure has the potential to dramatically improve the lower or upper body contours. At the time of initial consultation, the surgeon will educate the patient about various aspects of body lift, and may also present body lift before and after photographs.

The first goal of a responsible surgeon will be to explain the potential effectiveness of the body lift surgery and help the patient make the best decision. Accomplished cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie provides body lift and other procedures to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations.


What are Body Lift Before and After Photos?

Before and after photos in case of body lift plastic surgery refer to images belonging to a past patient who has undergone the same surgery successfully. The photos include images taken prior to the surgery and after the surgery at a stage when full healing has occurred and results of body lift are established. The surgeon will take care to ensure that the photos are obtained only with the proper consent of the patient.

The surgeon will present the photos before new patients in a discreet manner, while keeping the patient’s identity confidential as per the standard protocol. The surgeon’s sole purpose in this exercise is to use these images as a visual aid to show to new patients what a body surgery can or cannot do for them, and help them make an objective decision.

Now this is going to be mentioned down below but it really cannot be emphasized enough and that is digital technology. This type of technology has made it very easy for anyone to see pictures and these are not like the old Polaroid pictures people used to take, these are high definition pictures that are ubiquitous. You can see these pictures from anywhere you can get online and no one will even know.

Now you can make a pivotal decision without anyone else knowing. This is between you and your expectations and so on, as it should be. This means that if you do go forward with a body lift you know exactly what you have signed on the dotted line for.



Body lift is a major procedure that may be performed in upper or lower body areas, or both. While patients want to significant transform their figure, they are also concerned about looking and feeling natural, and meeting their personal aesthetic goals through the surgery.

Some patients may need only a limited improvement in one or two sites, while others may require body lift in multiple areas in both upper and lower body. In each case, the patient will be in a better position to make decisions when they have access to body lift before and after pictures.


Keeping Reasonable Expectations

Patients who have a positive frame of mind, clear aesthetic goals, and reasonable expectations will usually achieve better satisfaction levels from body lift surgery. Therefore, experienced surgeons prefer to provide body lift before and after pictures at the very first appointment, wherever possible.

This enables the patient to make a more transparent decision, and minimize the risk of any disappointment or misunderstanding occurring at a later stage when it may be too late to reverse the decision. Standout and proven cosmetic surgeon Dr. Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for body lift surgery and various other cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.


Website Photos

The surgeon has an option to provide body lift before and after pictures on their official practice website in a separate “Photo Gallery” section. New patients can simply access the photos on the site and review them in the comfort and privacy of their home or office. This will only help to create more awareness about the procedure and encourage more people to seek a body lift consultation.

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Body Lift Surgery Risks and Safety

Body Lift Surgery Risks and Safety | Beverly Hills Plastic SurgeryBody lift is a major plastic surgery procedure, which ideally be performed by a board certified and highly experienced plastic surgeon to minimize the risks.

In any case, the patient should be aware of the potential risks that are typically associated with any surgical procedure, including body. To make the right decision, the patient must weigh the risks against the benefits.

During the pre-operative consultation, the surgeon will discuss the risk and safety aspects of body lift with the patient. They will also evaluate the patient’s fitness to undergo a full or partial body lift. Dr. Gary Motykie is a pre-eminent cosmetic surgeon providing body lift and various other invasive and non-invasive aesthetic procedures to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding communities and towns in this part of California.


Common Risks

Body lift surgery may be performed in either lower or upper body sites, or both. Risks will depend on the degree of correction involved, the surgical technique used, and the patient’s general health and fitness level. Common post-op risks in body lift plastic surgery procedure include:


Bruising and Inflammation

A common response to the body lift surgery trauma is swelling and bruising in the treated sites. Bruising will resolve quickly, but mild swelling may linger on several weeks or months. Most patients will need to wear a compression garment for some weeks to mitigate the impact of inflammation and expedite healing.


Numbness or Altered Skin Sensation

Tissue modification can sometimes reduce the sensitivity of the skin for a temporary period. Complete numbness in the treated area may also occur in a few cases. The normal sensation will be natural restored in most cases, but the recovery may be longer for a few patients. Permanent loss or change of sensation can occur in rare cases.


Allergic Reactions

The patient is exposed to anesthesia, tape, gauze, and other surgical materials, which poses the risk of an allergic reaction. The patient may experience itchiness, rashes, redness, nausea, dizziness, congestion, coughing, or vomiting. The reaction is usually short-lived, but patients with a history of allergies should disclose this fact to the surgeon during the pre-op consultation.


Slow Healing of Incisions

In a few cases, a major incision may pull apart following the body lift procedure or may heal poorly. This can particularly occur if the patient has not followed proper aftercare or if the wound has not been correctly sutured. Although this condition does not pose a serious health hazard, but it can delay healing and require additional bandaging to close the wound properly.



Some patients may end up with fluid accumulation in tissue pockets along the incisions. This risk can be reduced when the surgeon places drainage tubes under the skin and provides a compression garment. But if the patient still gets seroma after the body lift procedure, a minor surgery may have to be performed to remove the fluid.

Excessive bleeding, skin necrosis, and deep vein thrombosis are rare risks in body lift surgery. Amazing and sagacious cosmetic surgeon Dr. Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for body lift.

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Body Lift Procedure Steps

Body Lift Procedure Steps | Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery People with significantly sagging skin in specific areas of the body can benefit from body lift plastic surgery. This condition may occur due to aging or after a pregnancy or a major weight loss.

A few key steps are involved in the body lift surgery, which may slightly vary depending on whether upper body, lower body or both areas are treated in the same procedure.

The surgeon will discuss all aspects of body lift during the pre-op consultation, and will educate the patient about the steps involved in the procedure. It usually helps to reduce pre-surgery anxiety levels when the patient knows how the procedure will be performed.

Dr. Gary Motykie is an experienced cosmetic surgeon providing body lift and other procedures to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding communities and cities in this part of the state.


Steps in Lower Body Lift

Lower body lift surgery is more popular, and it may address areas such as the waist, abdomen, thighs, buttocks and hips. The surgeon will perform skin and tissue tightening in multiple areas in a single procedure. As a first step in the procedure, the patient will be administered anesthesia once they are inside the surgery room.

Thereafter, the surgeon will place discreet incisions in pre-determined locations. To provide a gentle lift to the thighs and tighten the buttocks, an incision will be created in the lower waist area. If the procedure is combined with abdominoplasty, the incision will be circumferential around the waist. The pattern and length of incisions will be decided according to the degree of lift needed and the patient’s personal preferences.

Once the customized lower body lift plastic surgery is completed, the surgeon will close the incisions in multiple layers over the drain tubes to mitigate stretching and swelling. The underlying tissue will have deep sutures to support the new contours. Traditional or dissolvable sutures may be used to close the incisions.


Steps in Upper Body Lift

Following anesthesia, the surgeon will create an incision under the arm or along the back of the arm. If a significant lift is required, the incision may run from the elbow to the armpit, and may even extend along a part of the upper chest wall and towards the back. Through the incision, the surgeon will remove loose skin and tissue.

If the patient needs a breast lift, it will require an incision to be placed around the areola border, which extends from the lower half of the areola down to the inframammary fold. Another incision will be placed under the breast crease. Excess skin and tissue will be removed to lift the breasts to a tighter, more youthful level.
Lower and mid back lift will involve incisions on both sides of the middle back, or in case of women, the incisions will be made close to the bra line.

The surgeon will remove excess skin and tissue through the incisions. Incision closure will be the final step, which can be done with tape, skin adhesive or sutures. Outstanding and percipient cosmetic surgeon Dr. Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for body lift surgery.
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