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    Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

    Breast Reduction Surgery RecoveryBreast reduction surgical procedure is also known as reduction mammaplasty. It is a plastic surgery which essentially involves removing extra fat; skin and tissue from the breast area to arrive at a size which makes them look proportionate to the rest of your body. It is also aimed at eliminating the distress which comes with having huge sized breasts.

    Why breast reduction cosmetic surgery?

    There could be multiple reasons to get a breast reduction surgery done. Some of the important benefits of this cosmetic surgery include the following:

    • Women could face both emotional and physical health issues due to overly huge breasts. These not only include issues related to their self-image but actual physical distress or pain.
    • Your ability to lead a healthy and energetic life could be impaired as a result of the extra weight of the tissue in the breast area. It is a less known fact that the psychological discomfort which is related to having unusually big breasts along with the self-distorted images is a very challenging concern among women.

    If you stay in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood or Los Angeles and are looking to get a safe breast reduction surgery done, you could contact Dr. Gary Motykie who is a trained plastic surgeon from the University of Texas and has worked with some of the best cosmetic surgeons in Miami. He has years of experience conducting various kinds of plastic surgeries and has also completed a very highly rated and known Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship in Beverly Hills.

    Recovery for breast reduction surgery

    Once your surgical procedure for breast reduction is complete, the plastic surgeon will apply bandages and dressings to the incisions made during the surgery. In addition to this, some doctors may use an elastic bandage or recommend a support bra which could help reduce the swelling and fasten the healing process.

    There could also be placement of a tiny slim tube under the skin on a temporary basis in order to provide a way for the excess fluid or blood to come out.

    Your cosmetic surgeon will give you some detailed instructions for the recovery process after the breast reduction surgery. This would include a general know-how on how to take care of your breasts post surgery, various medicines and drugs to be taken or applied on the breasts for healing and to minimize the dangers of infection. He would also give you a follow-up schedule to check the recovery progress.

    As a responsible patient, it is important for you to ask all different types of queries that you may have regarding the breast reduction surgery and the recovery procedure.

    The surgery could take up anywhere between two to five hours depending upon the individual’s case. It has been proven that the breast reduction surgery has long-lasting results.

    You will be relieved from all the physical pain and emotional distress experienced before the cosmetic surgery. In addition to this, your self-esteem and image will be greatly boosted when you see a perfectly proportioned body with the appropriate size of breasts.

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