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    Chin Augmentation Before And After Photos

    Chin Augmentation

    Chin Augmentation Before And After PhotosChin enhancement cosmetic surgery involves inserting artificial implants in a receding chin. This is done to add volume to the chin and make it appear more proportionate to the rest of the facial features. Your surgeon will walk you through the various aspects of chin augmentation at the time of initial consultation. They may also present you with before and after photos regarding chin augmentation.

    The first goal of a dedicated surgeon will be to educate patients about the surgery and expected results. This helps them in making an informed choice. Showing them chin implants before and after images can play a vital role in this. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie provides chin augmentation surgery to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations.

    Understanding Chin Augmentation Before and After Photos

    Before and after images refers to a set of pictures of chin augmentation performed on previous patients. The images are usually of people that have successful results so you know what to expect. The set will include images taken before and after the procedure. There will be pictures once the post-op bruising and swelling has subsided as well.

    It’s not just the images that are so profound – it’s digital technology. Digital technology allows clarity that once before humanity only dreamed about. Now with this technology, images are so clear that in the plastic surgery industry people can easily apply what they see on screen to their own chin and appearance.

    It is the surgeon’s responsibility to make sure the photos are taken with the patient’s full consent. They should present it to new patients in a judicious and discreet manner. Generally, a patient’s identity is kept confidential in the entire endeavor. The sole purpose of showing before and after images is to give new patients an idea about the procedure and the kind of results to expect.

    Build Rapport

    Before and after chin implant pictures can go a long way in building connections with new patients in an effective manner. Patients can better understand how a particular plastic surgery can bring about a positive change in their appearance. Chin augmentation before and after images helps provide visual proof and build a relationship of transparency and trust.

    This can occur even before a patient meets with Dr. Motykie. Internet technology has made this possible. With 5G spreading across the country someone can see these images while they are standing on the side of a mountain river. With this technology, you can see these images while you are at a museum in another country, at the Vatican, or at a coffee shop in Seoul, for instance, and no one they know will even know what you are contemplating.

    Images Offer Clarity

    Chin implant images help in presenting the actual picture in a realistic and effective manner. Words in some cases can be difficult to understand. Images help people understand the results in a better way. They are not constrained by the barriers of language. Pictures are also better at portraying the true story.

    Sometimes, words can sound incredulous. However, photographs are evidence that the results are possible. However, it’s crucial the surgeon doesn’t edit or modify the images in any manner since that may confuse or mislead the patient.

    Pictures Can Be Used on Social Media

    Social media forums are universally popular in today’s times. Surgeons can post images on different social media platforms to educate new patients about the procedure. Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms have billions of users, but the website is probably the most common way for a patient to ascertain whether or not this particular surgery is for them.

    The chin augmentation photos on the website enable anyone to determine who that surgery will look when applied to their own face. Digital technology and the quality of these images are that telling.

    In regards to social media, this can help in opening up new patient avenues. Hundreds of thousands of potential patients can be reached through social media mediums. This makes it important to post educative and informational posts, such as chin augmentation before and after photos.

    Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for chin augmentation surgery.

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