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    KTLA Health Smart Segment: The Healing Curve Breast Cancer Charity [VIDEO]

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    Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie offers a helping hand to women who have beaten breast cancer but are still struggling with body image issues from the scar left behind.

    Dr. Gary Motykie started The Healing Curve to lend a helping hand to women who have beaten breast cancer but are left with deformity from the treatments that saved their lives. Many insurance companies do not cover the cost of breast reconstruction surgeries and the foundation offers survivors the chance to rebuild their bodies to feel like themselves again.

    Lu Parker reports on KTLA News at 10pm on October 21, 2014.


    For more information on The Healing Curve visit the website.

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    Dr. Motykie and The Healing Curve breast cancer charity were featured this week on

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    Click here to read Dr. Motykie’s interview


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    The Healing Curve Charity Concert Content: August 3, 2014

    Event Recap

    Jox Rox Chicago and Par fore the Cause came together in the name of THE HEALING CURVE for a summer charity event of monstrous proportions. The event took place at CD&ME in Frankfort, IL. It was an ideal setting to raise money for board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie’s Foundation THE HEALING CURVE– which provides reconstructive surgery for breast cancer and trauma survivors. A beautiful outdoor stage was surrounded by acres of rolling fields, gardens, an incredible waterfall, and a giant fire pit. Starting at 1 pm, the event was an amazing day filled with sweet melodious tunes from several amazing bands, spectacular food from the top food wagons in Chicago, wonderful drinks from several local bars, an auction full of high demand sports memorabilia, dunk tanks, mechanical bulls, and even a giveaway for an all-inclusive trip to LAS VEGAS. The Chicago Six, a band featuring Dan Hampton, Steve “Mongo” McMichael, Otis Wilson of the Super Bowl Champion ’85 Bears, along with Jim Peterik of SURVIVOR , started the day with a meet & great with fans and headlined the concert late into the evening.  Hundreds of people attended from all over the states to drink, eat, listen to music, and more importantly, support THE HEALING CURVE and all its recipients.

    Thank you to everyone who took part in this amazing event. To those who took the months to put this together, the sponsors, all the bands, food trucks, volunteers, CD&ME, and most importantly all who came and gave their support to this incredible charity- THANK YOU- it is all of you who make THE HEALING CURVE possible!

    Event Announcement

    Nothing says Chicago like ‘Da Bears,’ and CD & ME is proud to host a benefit concert on Saturday, August 2, organized by Dan and Gina Hampton’s charity, Par Fore the Cause, assisted by Dave Los and Jox Rox Chicago, and featuring former Chicago Bear Dan Hampton’s band, Chicago 6.

    The beneficiary of the concert will be The Healing Curve, a charity founded by Dr. Gary Motykie, who donates his services to provide reconstructive surgery for breast cancer survivors, war veterans, car accident victims and children born with birth defects. Dr. Motykie was inspired to start The Healing Curve after a flood of heart-wrenching fan mail sent in response to Dr. 90210, his hit show on E!, where he provided reconstructive surgery for women who had beaten cancer but whose bodies were devastated by the mastectomies that saved them.

    “I am thrilled to be doing this concert for them,” said Gina Hampton, president of Par Fore the Cause. “Dr. Motykie is originally from Chicago, and he has a heart of gold. We’re basically raising the funds for the anesthesiologists and the office staff. Dr. Motykie donates all of his time.”

    Doors open at 1 p.m. and tickets provide for a day of entertainment. Bands include The Shed/341, 7th Heaven and Chicago 6 (composed of former Bears Dan Hampton, Steve McMichael and Otis Wilson, along with Eddie Kammerer, Matt Kammerer and John McFarland). Former Survivor front man Jim Peterik will close out the event with his band, Ides of March.

    In addition to the nonstop musical entertainment, International Redkin Artist Leah Freeman of The Fuse in Manteno will be on hand with other Redkin staff at a Blow Dry Bar for complimentary blow outs. Each ticket holder will also receive free travel size samples of Redkin products with VIP ticket holders receiving full size product samples. Redkin’s own Charlie Kennedy will be flying in to Chicago to emcee the entire benefit.

    “He is amazing, fun, witty and gets the crowd going,” said Hampton.

    Food vendors include The Chicago Pizza Boss, The Windy City Patty Wagon, The Calle Wagon and The Husky Hog, along with a cash bar.

    Premier sports memorabilia and autographed guitars will be a few of the featured items in the live and silent auctions. Gina Hampton also reports that if the event meets the fundraising goal during the evening, her husband Dan will take the seat of honor in the dunk tank. Par Fore the Cause thanks Title Event Sponsor Rich Galgano of Windy City Wire and all of the other sponsors and donors who are helping make this event happen. Corporate sponsorships are still available. Contact Hampton at

    Event Location & Ticket Information

    Tickets range from $15 general admission to $275 all-inclusive VIP seating with Meet & Greet option. All tickets can be bought online at or at the box office, 23320 S. La Grange Road in Frankfort. Doors open at 1:00 p.m.

    For more information, please call 815-469-7315

    Final Event Poster BuEcmksCcAAW2Ej 10599300_564743186971092_7462264404859155602_n 10599193_564744130304331_6131913358929504552_n 10592844_564743956971015_382283869275082174_n 10579982_564743423637735_4588813246640957679_n 10574452_564743440304400_30455787425872793_n 10568893_564743270304417_4861816736255264989_n 10565069_564742536971157_7480273620858304733_n 10563129_564742780304466_5927029608010804098_n 10561798_564742646971146_6701518335512504895_n 10557342_564744046971006_6341113253624324499_n 10552552_564744110304333_7178398714629271910_n 10552505_564743503637727_3766675639885684217_n 10547709_564744073637670_1786101527089491751_n 10544786_564742430304501_6624478313130100940_n 10534746_564744233637654_2060837075105988653_n 10534486_564743703637707_6513632836647565093_n 10533369_564743523637725_9161751359733429943_n 10533086_564742446971166_3709484069707522730_n 10527404_564743756971035_4495899845774951128_n 10518979_564743583637719_8315417780962535793_n 10518979_564743093637768_5078585765993364169_n 10513442_564743570304387_3104851424655942527_n 10513442_564742726971138_9032507174301111143_n 10501781_564743296971081_3270881480464028984_n 10485444_564742283637849_6270557687597228965_n 10478677_564743866971024_8973959826126509536_n 10468081_564742496971161_8169608561712543301_n 10460259_564743110304433_9040137252571125227_n 10436088_564743343637743_4604085438076089958_n 10419055_564742623637815_2976452355106543375_n 10410931_564743383637739_4304984592389951040_n 10410381_564742896971121_5769361337253103546_n 10402407_564743240304420_2080022868902214168_n 10402008_564742810304463_6955799850895542877_n 10386276_564743493637728_8666253457131386937_n 10378162_564743680304376_1681258615307491000_n 10342955_564744296970981_444016407519561010_n 10322601_564742376971173_1386009944886867935_n 10306730_564744203637657_8325731994895439380_n 10298891_564743603637717_6214708547460686904_n 10255280_564742876971123_5111900748263361829_n 1908381_564742523637825_7995527996595758568_n 1798855_564742476971163_359172193702318890_n 1798855_564742300304514_1773231402657155005_n 1551467_564743460304398_8104858570320080647_n 1506463_564743736971037_8134524685541356079_n 1044865_564742346971176_1609013720291860804_n 984173_564742690304475_9082064619147308086_n 994461_564743913637686_8167734942218682977_n 936677_564743316971079_9209488769810684765_n 14184_564744000304344_7372156829832301316_n 7347_564743126971098_1525905515148292244_n

    Ever since the establishing of his plastic surgery practice, Dr. Gary Motykie has consistently remained in touch with various community issues, and made contributions in several ways. He is motivated by the idea of using his skills and experience to provide a healing touch to those in need wherever possible. This passion became a foundation for the establishment of “The Healing Curve,” a nonprofit organization that Dr. Motykie formed in 2008.

    Dr. Motykie felt inspired to launch The Healing Curve following his appearance in the episodes of E! Entertainment’s popular TV show Dr. 90210. During the filming of these episodes, Dr. Motykie performed reconstructive breast surgeries to restore the physical and emotional well-being and rebuild the confidence of women who had survived breast cancer.

    Key Role of the Organization

    The Healing Curve has been set up to perform a key role of providing medical support to women who have beaten breast cancer, but are left to struggle with the post-op challenges of breast tissue loss and scars. This can occur following a mastectomy or breast removal procedure to treat the patient and save her life.

    The Healing Curve provides financial assistance and other forms of support to enable these patients undergo corrective surgeries to address the physical deformities that may have occurred as an outcome of cancer, severe injury, previous unsuccessful surgeries, and/or birth deformities.

    Financial Support for Breast Reconstruction

    The Healing Curve came into being with the primary goal of providing reconstructive surgical procedures to breast cancer survivors. A number of patients who undergo breast cancer surgery may be left feeling inadequate following the primary surgery because they cannot afford secondary procedures to complete the reconstruction and restore the aesthetics. Insurance companies usually cover the initial costs of breast reconstruction, but may not cover secondary surgeries.

    This is where The Healing Curve makes effective interventions to help those who do not have the financial means to bear the costs of these secondary procedures. In Dr. Motykie’s own words: “I started The Healing Curve to help those women who have won the battle against breast cancer but have lost their breasts, their femininity and their self-esteem in the process. These women have already been through so much with cancer itself; they deserve the best possible breast reconstruction that plastic surgery can offer.”

    Expanding the Scope

    Once The Healing Curve organization was on its feet, Dr. Motykie quickly found out that the need for such surgeries extended beyond just the breast cancer survivors. The organization decided to reach out to all survivors who may have suffered a physical deformity arising from an earlier surgery, serious injury or illness, or congenital defects.

    Dr. Motykie’s original goal to perform breast cancer procedures on the Dr. 90210 series was to allow people to know how plastic surgery can restore hope in the lives of the patients. However, the show’s overwhelming response led the organization to embrace all patients who had suffered physical deformities due to any reasons, and were facing financial constraints to overcome those deformities through surgery.

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