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    CoolSculpting – “The Cherry on Top” Patient Testimonial [VIDEO]

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    Your Wellness and Aesthetics

    Motykie Med Spa is dedicated to providing state of the art aesthetic, skin care, anti-aging, and fat reduction treatments to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, West Hollywood and surrounding areas. One of the most sought after non-invasive procedures offered at the medical spa is CoolSculpting. For a new patient, an excellent way to learn and gain real insights about a procedure can be when a past patient is willing to open their heart and share their actual experience and results about the procedure.

    Hylan’s Experience

    Hylan is a Los Angeles, CA based individual who, at one time, weighed 306 pounds, and was concerned about the appearance of love handles and excess fat deposits in his lower abdominal area. Hylan decided to go ahead with CoolSculpting at Motykie Med Spa, which is led by the reputed plastic surgeon, Dr. Gary Motykie.

    Hylan was seeking a supportive procedure that could help provide a boost to his commitment to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. He did not wish to go through an invasive surgery procedure, and was determined to improve his diet and exercise so that he would be able to maintain the results of a non-invasive procedure for the long-term.

    The team of experts, led by Dr. Motykie, at Motykie Med Spa carefully tried to understand the needs, goals, and aspirations of Hylan with regard to his body appearance, and his commitment to maintain a healthy lifestyle following a non-invasive fat reduction procedure.

    Fat Reduction with CoolSculpting

    The team at Motykie Med Spa, after a detailed deliberation and a close evaluation of Hylan’s condition and mindset, decided to recommend CoolSculpting procedure. Hylan managed to achieve a significant reduction in the appearance of love handles. Within a few weeks, he was able to notice a 25 percent reduction in his lower abdomen, which was his major cause of concern.

    This was Hylan’s first experience with CoolSculpting, and the results were astonishingly positive. More importantly, the outcome with CoolSculpting helped build Hylan’s confidence in his own ability to maintain his overall appearance and fitness levels. CoolSculpting provided the much-needed boost to push him to adopt an active lifestyle and follow a healthy and balanced diet.

    The highlight of Hylan’s case was that his commitment to maintain a regular regimen of diet and exercise performed the real magic, while CoolSculpting provided the proverbial “cherry on top.” Hylan has been highly satisfied with his experience at Motykie medical spa. He is particularly grateful to the friendly and caring staff that made his overall experience completely worthwhile.

    Recovery Experience

    One of the best things about CoolSculpting is that the procedure does not involve any cuts, incisions or even injections. A mild level of discomfort in the treated area may be experienced by some patients initially, but it is not something that can cause a specific hindrance to work or pose any risk. Dr. Motykie and his team were always available at the med spa to provide reassurance to Hylan during his recovery phase. All he needed was advil and cortisone cream during the recovery period to achieve better comfort.

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    See what patients had to say about Dr. Motykie on Yelp:

    “Saw Dr. Motykie again today and I am so Happy I chose him for my reconstructive surgery! I know he will give me the result I’ve been seeking for over 20 years! He’s very kind and compassionate, he listens, and he truly cares. As much as I’m not looking forward to another surgery, I am looking forward to this one with Dr. Motykie. Sandi and Diana are truly amazing as well!!! Very compassionate team!” – Theodora M.


    Photo of Gigi B.“Dr. Motykie is gifted.  He is professional, listens, and despite being young and on TV he really is an amazingly gifted surgeon.  He has done two different surgical procedures on me-one was a fix on a botched job from 6 years ago and another cosmetic procedure on my face.  He knows what he is doing.

    I do not know of anyone who can hold a candle to Dr. Motykie.  I hope to continue my “maintenance” for years to come with this excellent surgeon.  Don’t go anywhere else-this is the place for excellent work and service.” – Gigi B.

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    Dr. Gary Motykie Patient Reviews:

    Dr. Gary Motykie performed 7 different procedures on me!

    It’s important to state how rare it is to find a surgeon who is expert in one procedure let alone (from my experience) 7 different procedures! Dr Motykie performed for me Revision rhinoplasty, Revision breast augmentation, Revision Benelli lift, face lift, neck lift, lip lift (I needed a lot of lifting!) and facial fat grafting (under eyes and lips). He is truly an extremely talented surgeon and artist (also a very important trait for a PS). Revision surgeries are very difficult procedures & they require the skills of an expert surgeon with an artistic eye. Dr Motykie gave me the most amazing perfect nose. My boyfriend kisses it several times a day and says how beautiful I am. I healed much more quickly than my previous surgeries which is incredible given this was my third nose job and the other work I had done at the same time! He uses special techniques to help with faster healing. He also did a facelift, neck lift, lip lift, & fat grafting. Everything looks so natural; I don’t have to use fillers anymore! He also performed revision BA; they look so young and amazing now! With my revision Benelli lift one suture didn’t hold, so one areola is larger than the other. This is VERY rare, which he is fixing for free next month. This type of superior business practice and dedication to achieving the best result and happiness for his patients is evidence of how much he really cares about his patients and his work and why you want Dr Motykie to be your surgeon. I had so many procedures at once and achieved amazing results, with only a minor extremely rare suture not holding. I would never trust anyone other than Dr Motykie. He is patient, spends lot of time listening to you and talking through all procedures and options. His staff are so nice and helpful as well; their warmth and kindness are comforting as you go through this journey. I’ve used the Motykie MedSpa as well and the staff is top notch! I plan to have them perform Laser skin resurfacing when I go in for my suture fix next month.

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    Very Professional 

    I first saw this provider on a tv show called Dr 90210 a few years back, and then ran across him again while researching doctor’s now.. During my consultaion Dr, Motykie was very professional and answered all my questions honestly, I also liked the fact that he didnt seem to rush through my consultation or push me into this surgery. And no the fact that Dr Motykie was on t.v had nothing to do with my decision to have him do my surgery 🙂 Ovedall my experience has been good and I cant wait to see my final results!

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    Dr. Motykie is amazing!

    Dr. Motykie is amazing, and so is his work! During my consultations with him, he was very cognizant about making sure all my questions and concerns were answered. I never got the feeling that he was too busy to spend extra time with me. The staff was great and punctual, I never had to worry about anything and when you’re already nervous about surgery to begin with, there’s nothing you want more than to feel like you’re being taken care of. During my recovery, I followed other people’s blogs who documented their tummy tuck healing process and procedures with other doctors and to be honest, I seemed to be healing at a much quicker rate than them and with less scaring too — this sealed the deal for me that I picked the right doctor. I hope this helps anyone looking for a good surgeon in the LA area, feel free to email me directly with any questions about liposuction or tummy tuck.

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