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    How Long Does a Liquid Facelift Last?

    Liquid Facelift 

    How Long Does a Liquid Facelift Last?An increasing number of people are opting for liquid facelifts because of the various benefits involved. Your cosmetic surgeon may recommend the procedure if you want to look more youthful and rested without wanting a full facelift. However, the treatment is non-surgical, which means the results will eventually fade away.

    During your initial consultation, your treatment provider will explain how long you can expect the results of a liquid facelift to last. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie provides non-surgical liquid facelift to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations.

    Components of a Liquid Facelift

    Liquid facelift is recommended for people that have begun noticing smile lines, wrinkles or unsightly crow’s feet around their eyes and don’t want to get an invasive plastic surgery performed. There are several types of facial fillers and muscle immobilizing agents injected during a liquid facelift.

    More popular ones are:

    • Botox: This is a popular and common substance to treat wrinkles, fine lines, and creases. Botox temporarily paralyzes the underlying muscles responsible for contracting skin. This allows the skin to look smoother.
    • Restylane: This is a type of dermal filler which helps in reducing wrinkles. It is also useful in enhancing lip pouts.
    • Kybella: This is a unique and innovative product focused on reducing a double chin.
    • Juvederm: This is one of the more popular and recently approved FDA products. This injectable filler can be used for reducing fine lines and wrinkles along with reducing some types of scarring as well.
    • Sculptra: This injectable helps in activating and stimulating the body’s collagen production. Collagen is responsible for giving your skin its volume, structure, and tightness.

    Your plastic surgeon may recommend other dermal fillers in addition to the ones mentioned above. These may include Artefill, Belotero, and Radiesse among others.

    Longevity of Liquid Facelift Results

    The duration of results depend greatly on the type of product chosen. You need to understand that any change made to your face in a non-invasive method will gradually fade away. However, you can expect the results to last for anywhere from 3 – 12 months if a hyaluronic acid based product is injected.

    Liquid facelifts tend to offer longer lasting results because most dermal fillers include hyaluronic acid. This is a naturally occurring substance in the body and less likely to be rejected as opposed to animal-based products. You can make the results last longer with repeated treatments. This will cause the facial filler to stagger and stay within your skin for a longer period of time.

    This is how different products fare against the test of time:

    • Juvederm – Up to 1 year
    • Botox – 4 months
    • Kybella – Often permanent results
    • Restylane – Up to 9 months
    • Sculptra – Up to 2 years

    Common Target Areas

    These are common facial areas where dermal fillers as part of a liquid facelift are applied:

    • Eyebrows and forehead
    • Cheeks
    • Corners of the mouth
    • Lips
    • Nasolabial folds
    • Temples

    Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for non-surgical liquid facelift skin rejuvenation.

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