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    Facial Reshaping Surgery Beverly Hills

    Facial Reshaping 

    Facial Reshaping Surgery Beverly HillsSpecialized series of reduction surgery procedures is involved in facial reshaping surgery. This generally involves some form of bone reshaping or cutting, also known as osteotomy. Jaw reduction, reduction malarplasty (reduction of the cheekbones), and mandibular angleplasty (reduction of the projection of the jawline) may involve bone recontouring.

    You should speak with an experienced surgeon to achieve optimal results in facial contouring procedures. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie provides safe and reliable cosmetic facial reshaping procedures to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding communities.

    Reduction Malarplasty

    Zygoma reduction or reduction malarplasty involves reduction, reshaping, or repositioning of the zygomatic arch or the cheek area. These are a few techniques that can be employed for reshaping or reducing the zygomatic arch:

    • Prominence of the cheek protrusion can be reduced by zygomatic shaving. The surgeon can access the malar complex through an intraoral incision for softening the angles.
    • Size of the frontal aspect of the bone can be reduced through burring.
    • Zygomatic arch can be dramatically modified and cut through osteotomy. Zygomatic arch is reinserted, recontoured and repositioned in the cheek through sliding. The method requires good elasticity in the skin. Midface sagging may occur because of the bone quantity removed for reducing the width of the midface.

    Jaw Reduction Surgery

    The mandible can be reshaped and reduced using several plastic surgery variations. These can be performed for addressing a square or heavy jawline.

    • Projection and prominence of the jaw can be reduced using mandible bone shaving. The procedure is useful in removing 0.3-0.5cm from both sides of the face for a more refined and subtle result.
    • Part of the mandible can be removed for performing mandible angle resection. This can feminize the face. An oscillating saw may be used for carrying out this resection. The lower third of the face will witness a moderate transformation as a result.
    • Mandible angle-splitting osteotomy is recommended for patients that have a moderate to significant square-shaped face. Significant reduction of the jaw can be achieved through angle-splitting osteotomy by removing the outer cortex of the mandible.


    The profile of the chin can be altered through reduction or augmentation in genioplasty. There are no visible scars on the face since the procedure is performed intraorally. Access to the lower jaw bone and chin is gained by making a cut through the gum.

    A small saw will be used for breaking the chin bone in a controlled manner. The jaw is held in its new position through screws and metal plates. Dissolvable stitches are used for suturing the gum inside the mouth.

    V-Line Surgery

    Double jaw surgery or V-line surgery involves both genioplasty and jaw reduction surgery. There are three steps to this cosmetic surgery:

    • Reducing the protrusion of the jaw or its angle
    • Reducing the size of the masseter muscles and mandible bone
    • Recontouring the chin

    These result in a desirable V-line shape of the jaw. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for innovative and advanced facial reshaping surgery procedures.

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