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    Breast Augmentation

    Breast Augmentation – Los Angeles | Beverly Hills

    Breast AugmentationAugmentation mammaplasty, commonly known as breast augmentation surgery, is a plastic surgery procedure designed to enhance the size, volume and fullness of breasts. Dr. Gary Motykie is a board certified plastic surgeon providing this surgery to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas.

    Suitable Candidates

    Not every patient who desires to have breast augmentation cosmetic surgery may be a suitable candidate for the procedure. Dr. Motykie will assess the patient’s general health, previous surgeries, breast anatomy and her unique aesthetic goals before recommending this procedure. In most cases, the cosmetic surgeon may recommend this procedure for patients who experience one or more of the following conditions:

    • Patient has a naturally small size of breasts.
    • Patient is keen to increase breast size, even when the natural breast size is normal.
    • Patient has lost breast volume following pregnancy, breast feeding or major weight loss.
    • One breast is smaller than the other.
    • Breast tissue is lost during mastectomy or following a traumatic injury.

    Dr. Motykie makes sure that his patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles and nearby communities are properly educated about all aspects of the procedure. It is important that the patient has clear goals, positive outlook and realistic expectations, which will help achieve the best outcome in the end.

    Breast Implants

    Breast augmentation plastic surgery is a fairly customizable procedure because of multiple options available for breast implants. Implants are saline and silicone gel based, and both options are approved by the FDA. Patients can also choose among various sizes, shapes, and textures available for breast implants. The standard size range of implants is between 120cc and 960cc, and the shapes can be round or tear-drop. The plastic surgeon can recommend the most appropriate options in consultation with the patient.

    Surgical Procedure

    Breast augmentation surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia or IV sedation. The cosmetic surgeon will begin the procedure by making an incision in a pre-determined location to keep the scars as discreet as possible. The incision may be made around the areola, below the breast curve, in the underarm, or around the navel. The implant can be placed between the breast tissue and chest muscle or under the chest muscle. In some cases, the breast augmentation procedure may be performed in combination with breast lift cosmetic surgery.

    Recovery and Results

    Breast augmentation is usually performed as an outpatient surgery, and the patient should have someone to drive her back home and stay over for the night. Most patients will experience mild pain and discomfort in the first few days, which can be managed with pain relieving medications.

    Patients can go back to work within 10 to 14 days, and resume their regular daily activities. However, vigorous activities should be avoided for at least one month. Results of the procedure will become fully visible as the swelling and bruising resolves. The results are usually long lasting, providing the plastic surgery has been performed by an experienced and qualified surgeon.

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    Breast Augmentation
    Beverly Hills

    About Breast Augmentation

    Breast Augmentation</br><span class="smh1"> Beverly Hills</span>If you have ever felt self-conscious about your breasts, you have something in common with the hundreds of thousands of women who have breast augmentations performed each year.

    Women of all ages and from all walks of life opt to enhance their breasts for numerous reasons including: breasts that are disproportionate to the rest of their bodies, breasts that differ in size or shape, having odd-shaped breasts, having breasts that have changed with age or due to weight loss or having breasts that have lost their shape due to pregnancy, breast-feeding or menopause.

    Nearly every culture can appreciate the pleasing contours of perky, full breasts which are typically used as the aesthetic guideline for breast augmentation surgery. Bigger is not always better in the world of breast augmentation and the best outcomes from breast augmentation are the ones that are nearly undetectable because of their very natural appearance. In fact, the majority of women who seek breast augmentation surgery want to achieve sexier, fuller breasts that don’t look fake and have a natural appearance.

    How is a Breast Augmentation Performed?

    In general terms, a breast augmentation is performed by inserting a saline-filled or silicone gel-filled breast implant beneath the breast tissue or below the chest muscle. Breast implants come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Breast implants can be inserted into the breast through a variety of incision locations: the areola, armpit, breast fold or belly button. Overall, there is no best implant or best way to perform a breast augmentation. Rather, each and every situation differs and there is the best combination of implant, incision and pocket location that will be the right choice for a given situation.

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