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    Breast Implant Revision
    Beverly Hills

    Breast Implant Revision </br><span class="smh1">Beverly Hills</span>In experienced hands, a breast augmentation can produce fuller, firmer, better-proportioned breasts. However, some women mistakenly translate the large number of breast augmentations performed each year into meaning that it is simple operation that can be performed by any surgeon. This, however, is untrue and it is also possibly one reason there are so many revision procedures being performed today. The best way to have a breast augmentation performed is the right way the first time. There are a great deal of variables to consider when undergoing a breast augmentation so it is important to make sure that your specific desires from surgery our expressed clearly to your surgeon as well as making certain that your surgeon is listening to you and understands exactly the look, shape and size breasts you want to achieve from surgery.

    Typically, revision breast augmentation is performed no fewer than six months after an initial breast surgery and it is generally used to correct irregularities and/or undesirable end results from prior breast augmentation surgery. Most commonly, patients seek revision breast augmentation surgery because a prior surgery did not produce the desired results. Breast augmentation, like many other cosmetic surgery procedures, is extremely “operator dependent” which means a great deal of the end result depends on the skills, judgment and experience of the operating surgeon. Revision breast augmentation procedures are even more challenging than an initial breast augmentation procedure because they require more aesthetic finesse in terms of perfecting contour irregularities not obtained during the first surgery. Dr. Motykie has performed revision breast surgeries on patients from all around the world, and has found that there are several common variables (problems) that are seen in breast augmentation revision patients. The most common reasons for performing revision breast augmentation are a desire to change implant size, change implant type, improve breast shape/symmetry, replace a ruptured and/or old implant, add lift to the breast and/or perform release of scar tissue formation (capsular contracture).

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