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    Rhinoplasty: Part Science, Part Art

    Rhinoplasty: Part Science, Part ArtNose is aesthetically a strategic component of the face. Even a slight alteration to the size, shape, or appearance of the nose can dramatically change the facial look. Therefore, a procedure such as nose reshaping plastic surgery should be performed by a surgeon who can approach it as a combination of science and art in order to produce an attractive nose that is fully functional and in harmony with the other facial features.

    The surgeon should take into account the unique aesthetic needs and aspirations of the patient and balance them against their essential facial structure and anatomy. A trained and experienced surgeon will be able to maintain this subtle balance and address the intricacies of rhinoplasty in a desirable way.

    Dr. Gary Motykie is an experienced cosmetic surgeon with board certification in plastic surgery. Dr. Motykie has been performing rhinoplasty procedure for several years with satisfactory results. He provides rhinoplasty to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations.


    Focus on Balance and Proportion

    When a patient is considering rhinoplasty surgery, they will most likely have one or more concerns related to the aesthetic aspects of the nose. The patient may be unhappy with the flat or wide nasal tip, or dislike their current nose profile. The surgeon will pay close attention to the patient’s personal cosmetic goals while performing rhinoplasty plastic surgery, but they will ensure that the desirable nose shape is not achieved at the cost of facial balance and proportion.

    Maintaining a natural harmony among various facial features while meeting the patient’s unique aesthetic goals will be the top concern of the surgeon. This can be ensured when the surgeon follows the principles of both science and art while performing rhinoplasty. For instance, if the patient wants to augment the nose size, the surgeon should take care that it does not make the chin look undermined.

    The pursuit of cosmetic goals should also not come at the cost of functionality. While reshaping the nostrils or reconstructing the nose, the cosmetic surgeon will have to ensure that the procedure does not result in breathing difficulties. A part science, part art approach to rhinoplasty can help to create optimal cosmetic results without compromising function.


    Subtle Enhancements

    Experienced surgeons know that in rhinoplasty, even millimeter of change to the shape or size of the nose holds vital aesthetic value. The overall nose and face aesthetics can be dramatically altered if the surgeon is not careful about approaching the changes in a subtle manner.

    For instance, even a seemingly simple task such as reduction or removal of a dorsal hump should be approached with careful attention to detail. The surgeon should reduce the hump with great caution. An experienced surgeon will shave off just one millimeter of bone at a time and then re-drape the skin to judge facial proportion.

    Similarly, the relationship between the nasal tip, the forehead notch and the new shape of the nose should be reviewed closely. Dr. Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas.


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    Rhinoplasty: Part Science, Part Art

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