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    USA Today Study: The Kind of Plastic Surgery People Get Depends On Where They Live

    Cosmetic surgery procedures are now increasingly sought-after by both women and men. A growing number of individuals now understand that cosmetic surgery is a science which can enhance a person’s beauty.USA Today Study: The Kind of Plastic Surgery People Get Depends On Where They Live

    The main aim of this type of surgery is to improve a person’s appearance by making changes to various parts of the body.

    Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie provides various procedures for the breast, body and face to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding communities in this region of SoCal.

    Geographical Location Plays a Role in the Choice of Plastic Surgery

    While beauty does lie in the eye of the beholder, the geographical location of a person in the country seems to have an impact on their choice of cosmetic surgery. The most popular cosmetic surgery procedures will usually vary in different regions on the country as a study by the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) indicates.

    Buttock implants are very popular in the Southeast while lip reduction is a widely performed procedure in the Midwest according to the society’s report. Hair transplantation procedures are prominent in the south while male breast reduction dominates in the Northeast.

    Culture, Weather and Technology

    In the West, home to body-focused Hollywood, breast enhancement procedures are widely popular. However, as regional contrasts indicate, breast implant removal is sought-after by women in the South.

    Why are these variations prevalent? The most dominating factors impacting people’s plastic surgery choices are culture, weather, and technologies according to doctors.

    A case in point is the desire to have bigger breasts.

    In warmer regions such as Southern California and Florida, people are more exposed. This causes significant pressure to look good in a more temperate, coastal climate.

    However, in a place such as Ohio, there is no such exposure due to the cold weather. This leads to Midwesterners not being as conscious of their bodies as folks who want to be on the beach for a major part of the year.

    This does not mean that people in Ohio don’t want to look great. However, they do not have the same kind of pressure to look good as someone in say, California or Florida.

    Natural Looking Results are Preferred

    Some cosmetic surgeons report that their female patients want a more natural appearance. Consequently, these surgeons will perform significantly more downsizing of breast implant procedures.

    Patients commonly require something that looks more natural but is still comfortable enough to enable them to look desirable in swimwear or while undertaking outdoor activities.

    Procedures such as breast augmentation do not feature even in the top five most sought-after procedures in colder places in the Northeast. Contrarily, the most sought-after surgery in the Northeast is male breast reduction.

    The Northeast has a more corporate mindset, especially among men. These professionals want to feel very confident at work, explain experts. The most popular procedure in the South is hair transplants while it does not even make it to the top five in other regions.

    In totality, the Northeast, West, and South witness more cosmetic surgery procedures in comparison to the Southeast and Midwest. Judicious ABPS board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and other communities and neighborhoods in this region of The Golden State for various surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

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    USA Today Study: The Kind of Plastic Surgery People Get Depends On Where They Live

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