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    Dr. Motykie on The Doctor’s TV Show: What You Need to Know About Your Breast Implants – Warranties, News & FAQ’s

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    Breast implant surgery is the second-most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the US today after liposuction. Breast implants qualities have improved dramatically over the years following the FDA approvals, surgical techniques have become advanced, and overall success rates are very high.

    However, a breast augmentation patient will typically need to replace the implants once or more during her lifetime. The implant may get damaged or develop other complications due to a variety of reasons, which makes it necessary to remove or replace it with breast revision surgery.

    Case of Darlene, Pleasanton, CA

    Darlene, 47, had received saline breast implants nine years ago, when she suffered an implant rupture in 2012. She was in extreme pain, and rushed to her plastic surgeon who refused to treat her unless she agreed to pay for the breast revision procedure. Being a single parent with no spare money at her disposal at that time, Darlene was caught in a sudden health crisis, and writhed in unbearable pain.

    After meeting Dr. Gary Motykie via The Doctor’s TV Show, she decided to ask him for help. Dr. Motykie received Darlene with compassion, and explained to her the critical importance of knowing about the quality of her implants, and the status of warranties on implants.

    Dr. Motykie surprised Darlene with his willingness to provide her a breast revision surgery free of charge. Following the procedure, he discussed with Darlene about the importance of breast implant warranties so that in the future she would be more aware in the event of a health emergency involving her implants.

    Why do Breast Implant Warranties Matter?

    Breast implants are available in two primary types: saline and silicone gel implants. The outer shell of the implants in both cases is made of a firm silicone material. One of the challenges with breast implants is that one or both implants may get damaged or ruptured at some point, or develop a condition called capsular contracture at some point of time in the future.

    The precise causes for this condition remain unknown, but it usually requires implant replacement. In some cases, the implant may become misaligned or mal-positioned, if not damaged. The only way to correct this condition is to have the breast implants removed or replaced with new implants, which involves breast revisions surgery. Sometimes the patient may require a voluntary replacement of implants due to a change in aesthetic preferences.

    With an adequate implant warranty, the patient is secure about the future option of getting breast implants replaced without having to pay for them again. Most implant manufacturers offer warranties with minor variations in their terms and conditions.

    Warranty Update from Mentor Breast Implants

    Mentor has recently updated their breast implant warranties, which patients should know about. The old warranty covered only a rupture with lifetime replacement and 10 years of $3,500 financial assistance. Now Mentor has added a capsular contracture warranty to all gel implants (round, shaped, smooth, and textured) for capsular contracture, late Seroma or double capsule.

    Standard Warranty: $0 charge to patient

    3-year warranty for capsular contracture (Bake Grade III/IV), late seroma and double capsule: Mentor will provide two free replacement implants for these patients (the affected side and the contralateral side).

    Enhanced Warranty: $200 Charge to Patient (payment within 45 days of surgery)

    10 year warranty for capsular contracture (Bake Grade III/IV), late seroma and double capsule: Mentor will provide two free implants for these patients in addition to up to $3,500 of financial assistance.

    022384-141001 Warranty_PtBrochure.indd

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