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    Some Severe Dangers in Bargain Hunting for Plastic Surgery and Injectable Procedures [VIDEO]

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    Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Gary Motykie, was recently featured on the popular TV program, “Money Smart” on KTLA 5. Hosted by Anchor-Reporter Glen Walker, the program invited Dr. Motykie to inform and educate viewers about the real risks involved in the tendency of bargain hunting when a person is looking for surgical or non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

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    As an experienced and reputed plastic surgeon, Dr. Motykie advised the viewers of “Money Smart” to make well-informed and objective choices when opting for cosmetic surgery, injectables, and other aesthetic treatments. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) also recommends that patients should choose the right plastic surgery practice for their needs, and cost should only be a secondary consideration in such decisions that involve their safety and well-being.

    Is the risk worth it?

    A keen desire to improve one’s aesthetic appearance can make any person very vulnerable to enticing marketing campaigns. However, when a marketer offers a price that appears too good to be true, it usually is. In principle, there is nothing wrong with bargain hunting for most products and services, but certainly not when it comes to shopping for health and physical appearance.

    Whether it is a seemingly innocuous procedure such as Botox injectable treatment or a plastic surgery treatment, they are all serious medical procedures that should be performed in a medical environment under the direct guidance and supervision of a trained and experienced medical professional and qualified support staff.

    Dr. Motykie says that excessive marketing and advertising in the area of cosmetic surgery and other aesthetic procedures has become so widespread in the society that an average person has a tendency to believe these are not real medical procedures – and they do not involve real risks. That is precisely the goal of such heavy marketing campaigns, and they often succeed in convincing people to take the risk unwittingly.

    Not Everyone is a Terrific Candidate

    A desperate marketer offering irrationally low prices for serious aesthetic procedures is not likely to discriminate among patients because for him they are not patients, but consumers. However, a trained and experienced medical professional will first evaluate a patient’s general health condition, medical history, the anatomy of the area that needs aesthetic treatment, and their personal aesthetic goals and aspirations before deciding whether they are a fit candidate for a procedure.

    On average, one out of five patients may be rejected for a particular procedure, or recommended an alternative treatment that is more suited to meet their aesthetic needs. The question of cost of a procedure comes second, and the first is the question of safety and suitability. However, for a desperate discount seller, the only question to be considered is the cost.

    Why Choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon?

    Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty. A board certified plastic surgeon has completed a minimum of five years of surgical training following medical school. This also includes a plastic surgery residency program. Plastic surgeons are trained to prevent, and if needed, handle emergencies. This is another area where a procedure at a cheaper facility can prove to be risky because the treatment providers may not be equipped to handle emergencies or if something goes awry.

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