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    Your Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon

    Your Beverly Hills Cosmetic SurgeonYour Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon

    Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Gary Motykie, ranks among the leading experts in the area of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Dr. Motykie performs a large number of surgeries every year for enhancement of the breast, body, and face. As an early adopter of innovative and advanced plastic surgery technologies and techniques, he is able to provide highly effective results to meet the unique aesthetic needs of his patients.

    Dr. Motykie and his team of experienced and dedicated professionals ensure that every patient is given undivided care and attention. Procedures are customized to match with the specific aesthetic goals of a patient. As a recognized Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Motykie likes to ensure that every patient’s desires and expectations are met and total patient satisfaction is achieved. He receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding communities.

    Personalized Treatment

    As a dedicated plastic surgeon, Dr. Motykie aims to provide personalized care to each patient. He will pay careful attention to listen to their innate aesthetic needs and concerns during the initial consultation process. He will develop a customized treatment plan while engaging closely with the patient at every step. He believes that real success in cosmetic surgery is achieved when the patient’s expectations are met or exceeded, and yet the results are not too obvious looking.

    This goal can be attained properly when the plastic surgery procedure is performed with a personalized treatment approach. The results should be natural looking, long lasting and achieved in a serene, conservative, and healthy manner. This remains the main focus of Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Motykie, during every procedure. Patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and other areas have a convenient opportunity to receive surgical treatments from him.


    Dr. Motykie stepped into the medical field when he pursued a degree in medicine from the Northwestern University in Chicago. Upon completing this degree, he went ahead with acquiring his first post-graduate fellowship in advanced surgical research. He followed it up with advanced training in plastic surgery at the University of Texas where he performed surgeries along with some of the pre-eminent cosmetic surgeons in the US.

    Thereafter, Dr. Motykie completed another Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship in Beverly Hills. In addition to his academic pursuits, he also made several national presentations of his research work, and published papers and articles in respected scientific journals in the area of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

    Recognition in the Media

    Top national newspapers such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the LA Times have features Dr. Motykie from time to time. Major television shows such as Dr. Phil, ACCESS Hollywood, EXTRA, Inside Edition, and SPIKE TV have invited him as a guest. Dr. Motykie also features on Plastic Surgery: Before & After, a popular program on the Discovery Channel and Dr. 90210, a series from E! Entertainment.


    The patient’s health, safety and aesthetic needs are the prime motivating factors in every procedure that is performed at Dr. Motykie’s plastic surgery practice. He believes that lasting patient satisfaction and patient delight should be the goals of a plastic surgeon in every case.

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