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    Layla D.

    5.0 star rating  – 3/13/2015

    Prelude. I realize the review I have written isn’t exactly brief; as a ‘Yelp’ review ought to be.., however when it comes to cosmetic and any other invasive procedure alike; I think it’s especially beneficial, to have as much useful information as possible. I have written this review not only to express my complete and absolute appreciation of Dr. Motykie as a surgeon and doctor.., but also: ‘for the benefit of others’. I hope my first-hand experiences can help those prospective patients battling with indecision. The indecision of not knowing which surgeon to choose, and whether an invasive cosmetic procedure is for them. I hope I can simplify and ‘shed light on’ ‘the unknown’ and bring about a sufficient amount of confidence; for those persons who are dubious, and fundamentally afraid of that specific: ‘unknown’. I really tried hard to articulate as best I could; all the notable reasons for those particular decisions I’d made.., and highlight the individual aspects unique to this thing they call: ‘Cosmetic Surgery’. Read more

    Susan K.

    Los Angeles, CA
    5.0 star rating – 2/12/2015
    Dr. Motykie is a very talented Plastic Surgeon with a very keen eye to detail. He enhanced my facial features by enhancing the balance of my nose and chin. I am extremely happy with my natural look. I only trust Dr. Motykie with any cosmetic surgery I will have in the future and also my friends and family. He is the secret I would like everyone to know!

    (Previous Review by Susan K.)
    I have been looking for a great doctor that I can trust with my rhinoplasty. I have been very insecure about its shape and size. I interviewed 5 doctors, to find the best fit for me. I decided to go with Dr. Motykie immediately after speaking to him. First of all, his Facility is immaculate. Also, he was very informative, took his time with me and answered all my concerns. He made me feel comfortable and the Staff was super NICE!! Jade was so nice and Sandi so helpful and prompt with responding to me. I am so happy with the shape of my nose now:) I cannot believe Dr. Motykie went above and beyond my expectations! My new nose fits my face and exactly the shape I am looking for. I have Faith in Dr. Motykie. Thank you!

    Samantha F.
    West Hollywood, CA
    5.0 star rating – 1/28/2015
    Hello Dr. Motykie, I am writing you this to compliment and thank you for you really taking the time you did and all your personal time you and your staff gave me over the last two months. I was extremely petrified to have my rhinoplasty and breast augmentation surgery, but Dr. Motykie and his staff were absolutely wonderful at taking the time to answer and explain every question I had. What I really loved too was Dr. Motykie created pictures of what my “after surgery” pictures would look like before I had my surgery so I would know what my post-surgery look would be. It was so amazing to be able to see your end results before even having the surgery!!! Dr. Motykie absolutely is so gifted and I am so great full. I could not be happier with my results Dr..M! With all my heart THANK YOU!!!!!
    Samantha F.

    Nikki R.
    Los Angeles, CA
    5.0 star rating – 1/25/2015
    I would like to take a second to Thank Dr. Motykie for performing my breast surgery. He was extremely accommodating, informative, and calming throughout my entire process. I came to him from some recommendations from friends that have had surgery with him. I believe I may have had more questions than the average patient might have had and Dr. Motykie and his staff took the time to answer all of my countless questions. Thank you.

    (Previous Review by Nikki R.)
    From the day I first met Dr. Motykie in my initial consultation to my last appointment he has always had my concerns first and foremost! I am beyond happy with my results and they have exceeded all of my expectations. I would post some before and after pics, but I think my boyfriend may get upset with I urge you to take the time to really get to know your doctor like I did and not just go to someone based on economics. I really recommend Dr. Motykie. He is truly a gifted surgeon.
    I am not sure why there are a few poor reviews on here for Dr. Motykie because I have had nothing but the absolute best experience with Dr. Motykie along with all my friends!!!
    Thank you Dr. Motykie!!!!!!

    Christy S.
    Northbrook, IL
    5.0 star rating – 1/23/2015

    Dear Dr. Motykie,

    I would like to thank you once again for an amazing experience. I had surgery with Dr. Motykie three years ago and I just recently had another surgery. Dr. Motykie recently performed a breast augmentation for me. I am so happy with the results and I feel and look better than I could have ever expected. I really want to thank you and your staff Dr. M! I really appreciate all the time you and your staff took to help me get what I wanted. You will always be my Plastic surgeon!!!!

    (3/27/2011 Previous review from Christy S.)
    My name is Christy, and I have had wonderful Plastic Surgery performed by Dr. Motykie and I could not be happier! He truly is an amazing surgeon as well as a person who does care. He is one of the best in the world. I only say this because I have 14 friends that have had an array of different surgeries from Dr. Motykie and they all look amazing. I have known who Dr. Motykie is for about 4 years now as friends of mine have gone and seen him for their surgeries. they have had breast augmentation, tummy tucks, rhinoplasty, and lipo from Dr. Motykie.
    I personally was not ready for surgery till now, but as my friends, one by one, had their surgeries performed by Dr. Motykie and I saw their results and how happy they have been over the years, I finally decided I would have my surgery too. I did see a few other Doctors for consults, but none had the proven record of amazing surgeries like Dr. Motykie, and I am sorry but I believe no other Doctors have the skills he has. He is truly amazing.
    I would and will without any hesitation refer anyone to Dr. Motykie. I myself will also go back to him if there is anything else I decide to have done in the future. There is not enough that I can say of how he consulted me on what I may or may not want to do and let me choose what made sense to me. After I decided on my procedures his results were absolutely beyond all my expectations.

    I just want to say thank you Dr. Motykie with all my heart.

    Forever grateful,
    Christy S.

    Jennifer G.
    Los Angeles, CA
    5.0 star rating – 1/22/2015

    I am writing this for two reasons. One is to thank Dr. Motykie for his amazing surgical skills and for being the best down to earth doctor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Dr. Motykie exceeded my expectations in every possible way for all of my surgeries. From my initial consultations, all the way through all my post-surgery appointments. I absolutely will give Dr. Motykie a raving review.
    Now for the second reason is to address some of these other reviews I see posted here on Yelp. As a repeat patient and a friend of many other patients of Dr. Motykie’s I do not understand how any of these “poor” reviews can be remotely true. All of my friends as well as myself have all had exceptional experiences with Dr. Motykie and his staff. I am only left to believe that yelp is only a sounding board to voice someone’s opinion that they may have, whether it is true or not. I regrettably assume that these reviews are those of competitor Doctors and are not truly patients of Dr. Motykie. I urge anyone to please meet Dr. Motykie themselves and form your own opinions. Please do not take anyone’s opinion, even mine. Yelp is great to read what someone wants to write, but how can we really confirm that what has been written is true or not unless you experience it for yourself.
    I have taken the time to write this because Dr. Motykie is so deserving of this praise. I will look for any postings that may reference this post and if I can be of help answering any questions of my experience with Dr. Motykie, I will post a response.

    Thank you
    Dr. Motykie

    Whoare U.
    Manhattan, NY
    5.0 star rating –  10/3/2014
    I have to agree 100% with everyone else. He is unbelievably talented, genuine and a true professional. Everyone in his office is great as well. They make you feel at home and welcome at every visit. he is the rare type of doctor that can trust to do whatever is best and the results will be perfect. He has great attention to detail and the intuition to know what is best for each case. If you are unsure where to go, I can say that this is not a choice of who you like best or trust the most. But it’s just who IS best. There is no way I could be more satisfied with my results, and everyone that has seen them have been very impressed.

    5.0 star rating  – 8/20/2012 (Previous review)

    My experience with Dr. Gary Motykie was beyond amazing! I had a previous breast augmentation with another Physician which resulted in the most traumatizing experience ever. I had uneven breasts and painful capsules. I was discouraged to go back to the original surgeon or any surgeon for that matter. I didn’t know where to turn when a close friend of mine recommended I see Dr. Motykie. I did my homework on him and decided to see him. His staff quickly eased my fears and made me feel extremely comfortable. He took the time to answer all of my questions and make sure I knew exactly what to expect the second time around. After my consultation I was confident I had found the right surgeon. My surgery went exactly as planned. My breast looked perfect. In fact, I was amazed at how natural looking and feeling they were. I’ve since recommended Dr. Motykie to all my close friends and family members whom have had the similar results and experiences.

    Liz T.
    West Hollywood, CA
    5.0 star rating –  8/26/2013
    The saying “third times a charm” is true in my case! I received a breast augmentation and slight lift through the nipple twice before, from 2 separate plastic surgeons, that resulted in hard and misshapen breasts/nipples. Dr. Motykie, whom specializes in breast reconstruction and was highly recommended to me, gave me the natural, beautiful results I’ve always wanted! No only am I completely happy with my beautiful new breasts, my experience from start to finish was easy, educational, and everyone took the time to make sure I was as completely comfortable as possible! Please don’t make the same mistakes I did and take the time to really research the Dr. you are going to. Always look at before and after cases that are similar to your own case. Dr. Motykie’s work speaks for itself!

    Anessa R.
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA
    5.0 star rating – 6/23/2013
    When making the decision to under go a tummy tuck, I researched cosmetic surgeons for over two years. I went to multiple consultations and just could not find a surgeon that I “clicked” with or trusted enough to perform a major surgery, until I met Dr. Motykie. I came across Dr. Motykie’s website and was extremely impressed by the reviews I read, as well as the before and after pictures, I then decided to make a consultation appointment.

    From day one the entire process from consultation to date of surgery was stress free, simplistic and overall professional! Upon my arrival, for my first initial consultation, the entire staff of Dr. Motykie’s office was so welcoming! I felt completely comfortable, in what would typically be an unusual situation, and I felt “at home.” Dr. Motykie’s office was exceptionally presentable and didn’t have a stuffy Dr. Office feel, but a comfortable relaxing spa environment.

    My first time meeting Dr. Motykie went so smooth, he did not make me feel embarrassed or self conscience about myself nor my body. He was extremely attentive and sensitive to my situation. What I loved about my first time meeting him was the fact that he did not lie to me. He told me exactly what to expect post surgery and he offered a complete sense of care and TRUST! I expressed all of my concerns regarding such a major operation and he quickly put my concerns at ease while offering his availability at anytime if I had further questions or needed further assistance, I loved how he didn’t offer a secretary or nurse in exchange to answer questions, he offered to answer all my questions himself. I also loved how excited Dr. Motykie was to fix my stomach and he didn’t make it seem like it was just another job, he paid extra attention and put 100% of his time and focus into our consultation. Three weeks after my initial meeting my surgery was scheduled. Dr. Motykie and his excellent staff, including Sandy (she’s AMAZING) were flexible with prices and made my dream of a tummy tuck affordable.

    On the date of surgery Dr. Motykie’s staff introduced me to my anesthesiologist and any other people that would be in the room that day, so I did not feel uncomfortable. Dr. Motykie’s operating room is located in his office building so there is no need to drive to another medical center or surgery room, I absolutely LOVED this; it provided ultimate comfort post surgery. Post surgery I awoke to a nurse sitting right by my bed who did not leave my side, as well as phone calls from Dr. Motykie to the nurse to check up on me. I went home the same day and there is a separate entrance for surgical patients leading directly into Dr. Motykie’s parking structure where a valet attendant brings your car to you so there is no unnecessary or uncomfortable travel time. Dr. Motykie then made it his mission to schedule periodical check ups to make sure I was healing correctly. Dr. Motykie is an absolute savior and one of the most genuine I have met in his industry. I will continue to return to Dr. Motykie as well as refer my friends and family to him. He is everything he says he is and more, as well as a gifted professional! I completely trust him as well as his staff. My tummy tuck turned out greater than I could have ever hoped for and I received the results that Dr. Motykie promised I would.

    Sherry M.
    Bakersfield, CA
    5.0 star rating –  5/20/2013 (Updated review)
    I am 1000% satisfied with Dr. Motykie!!! I did a lot of research before I decided to go with him. When I seen his before and after pictures of his patients and going to his office ad meeting him for the first time, I knew in my heart he was the best surgeon to pick. When I had my first consultation he totally made me feel comfortable and important. He is very informative and a great listener, and accomplished everything I asked for and then some. Doing my mommy make over with Dr. Motykie was the best decision I have ever made, for that I will always have a special place in my heart for him. I recommend Dr. Motykie to anyone who wants to have an awesome life changing experience and who wants to get it right the first time. Thank you Dr. Dr.Motykie for making me look and feel beautiful. I also love his staff, they are all so sweet and helpful. I love going to his office for botox and fillers too.

    5.0 star rating 5/13/2013 Previous review I am 1000% satisfied with Dr. Gary Motykie. I did a lot of research before I decided to go with him.… Read more

    Carmen D.
    Palmdale, CA
    5.0 star rating  – 4/3/2013
    Dr. Motykie is by far the best of the best. I had searched high and low in both Canada and the US and had immediately gotten the “this is it” feeling when I walked into his office. Both Dr. Motykie and the girls at the office are incredibly professional, genuine and will make you feel at home. I had a previous traumatic experience with an “unsuccessful” rhinoplasty, and Dr. Motykie met with me many times to work through my fears and ultimately made me feel at ease with the surgery. It had been 5 years since my first surgery, and the moment the splint was removed I cried; then went home to stare at my new nose and his AMAZING work.

    Absolutely everything he said it would be like, it was. I didn’t think it was possible to get the results I wanted, but Dr. Motykie exceeded my expectations and I can’t thank him enough. I absolutely recommend him to anyone whether it’s your first time getting surgery, getting a revision or a repeat customer. You will not be disappointed 🙂