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Renaissance 2 Peel System

An Exquisite Complexion with Renaissance 2 Peels

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Even a  healthy lifestyle can take its toll on our complexion—as we jog, walk, hike, or just spend time relaxing and soaking up the rays, the effects of sun damage and exposure contribute to the development of facial blemishes over time. As we age, the noticeable effects of sun damage often include wrinkles, dry skin, and blotchiness—all of which are difficult to correct through use of creams and moisturizers. Fortunately, the Renaissance 2 Peel System is specially formulated to treat the blemishes that develop as a result of sun damage, aging, and exposure to the elements, as well as hyper-pigmentation and damage from acne.

Dr. Gary Motykie, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA is pleased to offer the powerful Renaissance 2 Peel System for patients seeking to refresh and revitalize their appearance.  The Renaissance 2 Peel is a medium-strength chemical peel that stimulates collagen production and leaves your face feeling smooth, refreshed, and clear. Renaissance 2 is an excellent option if you are concerned with:

  • Effects of sun damage and exposure
  • Fine facial lines and wrinkles
  • Blotchy complexion
  • Hyper-pigmentation or melasma
  • Superficial scarring
  • Persistent acne


I wanted to write and tell you that I think you are a true genius and artist. I am tickled pink with my face. Thanks for making the whole experience s…
44 year-old female

How Do Renaissance 2 Treatments Work?

The Renaissance 2 Peel System is a chemical peel comprised of lactic, salicylic, resorcinol, and retinoic acids. It is appropriate for all skin types, and works with a moderate intensity that is both gentle and effective. This specially-formulated peel will exfoliate the skin of the face, while the combination of acids remodels the molecular structure of collagen, resulting in smaller pores, even color and complexion, and smooth, velvety skin texture.

The peel will be applied gently in our offices, and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Afterwards, the skin is likely to be somewhat pink for several hours, but should be back to its normal color the day following treatment. Be careful not to use any soap or harsh cleansers on your face for the first 24 hours—simply splash water on your face and gently pat dry.

For the next several days, you should experience some flaking of the skin as the treatment takes effect. Do not pick or pull at the skin during this time, and be sure to apply adequate sunscreen to the area if going out of doors. Although each person heals at a different rate, the full effects of the peel should be complete within 5-7 days. A series of 3-6 treatments is often recommended to achieve the desired effect.

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Dr. Gary Motykie is an esteemed, Board Certified plastic surgeon who has spent the past 10 years developing and applying an integrative approach to health, wellness, nutrition, and aesthetic enhancement. This holistic approach has set his practice apart from the multitude of profit-driven cosmetic surgery practices. Dr. Motykie’s treatment philosophy transcends the “skin deep” focus on aesthetics, and is centered upon improving the inner health and physical well-being of his patients while simultaneously refreshing and revitalizing their external appearance.
If you feel that you may benefit from the Renaissance 2 Peel System, or would like additional information about any procedure with Dr. Motykie, please reference Dr. Motykie’s plastic surgery website (www.drmotykie.com) or contact the Motykie Plastic Surgery office today. Dr. Motykie will provide his expert recommendations as to the appropriate surgical and/or non-surgical treatments necessary to fulfill your cosmetic objectives.

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