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    Liposuction For Your Chest

    Liposuction For Your ChestFor many women with large or pendulous breasts, their double D cups can become a bodily burden.

    Heavy breasts can create a lifetime of problems for a woman — limiting sports and other physical activities, and causing considerable neck, shoulder and back pain and spinal problems, or even emotional issues.

    Liposuction for the breasts is a conservative cosmetic surgery procedure, which involves lesser trauma, minimal scarring, quicker recovery and better results as compared to the traditional breast reduction surgery.


    Basic Facts

    Liposuction for the breast for a suitable candidate is a special variation of the traditional liposuction. The surgeon may be able to reduce the patient’s breasts by anywhere from one to three cup sizes.

    Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie provides chest liposuction to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and surrounding communities.


    Different from Traditional Breast Reduction

    In the traditional mammaplasty or breast reduction surgery, the surgeon will make a substantial T-shaped incision to remove excessive glandular tissue, fat, and loose skin.

    However, a liposuction breast reduction procedure will involve just one small incision, discreetly placed under the fold of each breast. The incision will be just long enough to allow the passage for a small cannula, through which the surgeon will suction out excess breast fat from the deeper layers.

    While the traditional breast reduction surgery can take a few hours and several weeks for full recovery, liposuction of the breasts may take less than one hour with the patient back to her regular activities within a week.

    Liposuction breast reduction surgery may be ideally suited for women who may have previously been reluctant due to the potential risks of scarring and altered sensation in the nipples. When the surgeon uses liposuction to remove the fat portion of the breast, these risks are minimized.


    Tumescent Liposuction of the Breast

    Breast liposuction plastic surgery using tumescent liposuction of the breast can be performed using only local anesthesia. The procedure can create a significant breast reduction as well as a moderate breast lift.

    The surgeon will make use of micro-cannulas to perform breast reduction with minimal tissue trauma, low post-operative pain, faster recovery, and virtually no scarring.

    For the suitable candidate, liposuction can reduce the breast by as much as 50 percent in size and the breasts may also get lifted to some degree. This subtle breast lift may occur because of the reduced weight of the breast, which enables the natural elastic properties of the breast skin to create contraction and produce elevation.

    The breasts will not change shape following tumescent liposuction, and simply become smaller in size and somewhat raised. After liposuction, the shape of the breast is simply a smaller version of its original shape before liposuction.


    Who is a Suitable Candidate?

    Some women may achieve better results than others after breast liposuction surgery. Tumescent breast reduction may only be appropriate for women who have more of fatty tissue in the breasts instead of glandular tissue. But for the appropriate candidate, the results of breast liposuction can be very gratifying.

    Women who have been through their menopause typically have breasts with a larger proportion of fatty tissue than younger women. They could make ideal candidates for breast liposuction.


    Post-op Recovery

    The patient may leave with small surgical drains in each incision site in the breasts for a few days. The drain tubes will prevent fluid buildup and promote rapid healing. Patient will be required to wear a compression bra for several weeks to allow the breasts to safely firm up to their new shape.

    Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and nearby areas for chest liposuction.  

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    Liposuction For Your Chest

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