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    Facial Rejuvenation with Rhinoplasty, Neck Lipo, Facial Fat Grafting

    Facial Rejuvenation with Rhinoplasty, Neck Lipo, Facial Fat Grafting

    Face is the most prominent part of the body from an aesthetic perspective. It is also the most complex because of multiple facial features and components that must appear in balance and harmony with each other to produce an attractive facial appearance. However, aging, hereditary factors, weight loss or gain, and other reasons can compromise the facial features, which may be corrected with plastic surgery.

    Dr. Gary Motykie is a leading board certified plastic surgeon providing innovative and advanced surgical and non-surgical procedures for the face. Sometimes Dr. Motykie may combine multiple procedures to achieve most desirable outcomes for his patients. As an experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding communities.

    Patient Testimonial – Micah

    Micah had been unhappy with the appearance of his nose, and wished to improve its shape in order to enhance the overall facial balance and proportion. He decided to look for a suitable nose surgeon, and was recommended the name of Dr. Motykie by his sister who had received a revision procedure from Dr. Motykie with outstanding results.

    Micah met Dr. Motykie for a consultation, and explained his aesthetic need to improve the shape of his nose with plastic surgery. Dr. Motykie encouraged him to discuss his facial aesthetic concerns frankly and made him feel assured about the procedures. The patient also mentioned about his concerns about eye bags and general signs of aging on the face.

    As an experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Motykie recommended rhinoplasty along with facial fat grafting and neck liposuction to achieve most comprehensive and desirable results for the patient. Micah’s family was concerned about whether the essential integrity and identity of the face would remain intact after the procedures. Dr. Motykie took pictures of the face prior to the procedure and after the procedure. The results made the patient as well as his family very pleased.

    Dr. Motykie knows from experience that any changes to key facial features such as the nose must be carried out in relation to the rest of the face and neck, and not in isolation. Patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas have an opportunity to receive state of the art procedures from Dr. Motykie.

    Key Facial Procedures

    Dr. Motykie offers the following major facial surgery procedures according to the unique aesthetic needs of a patient:

    • Balance Profile
    • Brow Lift
    • Chin Augmentation
    • Endoscopic Brow Lift
    • Eyes (Lower Blepharoplasty)
    • Eyes (Upper Blepharoplasty)
    • Facelift
    • Facial Fat Grafting
    • Facial Reshaping
    • Lip Augmentation
    • Neck Liposuction
    • Otoplasty
    • Revision Rhinoplasty
    • Rhinoplasty

    Rhinoplasty may be the right procedure for the purpose of straightening a crooked nose, changing the angle of the nose, removing a nasal bump, refining the nasal tip, changing the nostril shape, lifting a droopy tip, or making functional improvements to the nose.

    If the patient has excess fat deposits in the neck area, it can be corrected with neck liposuction surgery. Loss of volume in the cheeks can be addressed with facial fat grafting surgery. These techniques may be performed together to build a more harmonious and youthful facial appearance.

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