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    Combined Procedures

    In the majority of patients undergoing lower eyelid surgery, there are other areas of the face and neck that may also benefit from rejuvenation surgery such as the upper eyes, brow, face and/or neck. It is very common to combine upper eyelid and lower eyelid surgery at the same time since both the upper and lower eyes typically age at a similar rate. Facial fat grafting is invaluable to perform in combination with lower blepharoplasty surgery because it can correct a “sunken” look underneath the eyes by replacing lost facial fat volume as well as enhance cheek bones and camouflage dark circles under the eyes. A lower Blepharoplasty can also be combined with a browlift or BOTOX® treatments to raise the eyebrows and reduce the appearance of wrinkles or crow’s feet above and around the eyes. Although wrinkles of the lower eyelid skin can be difficult to completely correct surgically, they can be dramatically improved with chemical peels and/or laser resurfacing. Lastly, a facelift can be performed with lower eyelid surgery in order to achieve balanced facial rejuvenation in patients that have developed jowls or loose skin in the neck in addition to aging of the lower eyelids.

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