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    BTL EXILIS Fat Removal and Tightening Before and After Photos

    BTL EXILIS Before and After Photos

    The BTL EXILIS cosmetic enhancement procedure is one of the most innovative and unique treatments that simultaneously delivers RF and ultrasound energy to produce desirable outcomes without involving plastic surgery. During the pre-op consultation, the treatment provider will educate the patient about all aspects of the procedure.

    Some providers may prefer to present BTL EXILIS before and after photographs at the time of the initial consultation. This will help the patient understand the potential effectiveness of the treatment in a better way. Outstanding and practiced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie provides BTL EXILIS treatment to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding communities across the landscape.

    What are BTL EXILIS Before and After Pictures?

    Before and after pictures in case of BTL EXILIS fat reduction and skin tightening treatment refer to a pair or group of images belonging to an earlier patient who has undergone the same procedure with successful results. The pictures include images taken before the surgery and after the surgery at a stage when all the treatment sessions are completed and full effects of the procedure have been established.

    The treatment provider will take care to obtain the pictures with the consent of the patient, and present them before new patients in a discreet manner. The patient’s identity may be kept confidential as per the standard norm. The only goal of the provider here is to educate new patients about various aspects of an innovative treatment such as BTL EXILIS, and help them make appropriate choices. ‘Before and after’ photos serve as a visual aid in this process.

    Now this will be discussed further down below briefly but this topic is so salient and amazing it should be mentioned in more detail and breadth. What is really going on here is the effect that digital technology is having on this country and world. There is not one organization that has been affected in the slightest by digital technology and many industries have really been transformed by it.

    Now the plastic surgery industry has not been transformed by digital technology but it has been able to utilize this technology for business purposes of course but more importantly to offer the patient more information without them having to reveal to anyone their intentions. Never before has so many people had access to amazing information via pictures of this clarity. Now someone can apply what they see on screen to their own body and situation. Now patients can make a decision they are comfortable with no matter which route they decide to take.


    When a new patient is seeking non-surgical body contouring and skin tightening, they may not have much idea about the unique BTL EXILIS treatment. They may be concerned to know how this treatment will impact their appearance, and whether it is the most suited treatment option in their case.

    Some patients may need only subtle enhancement in their facial skin appearance, while some others may need more pervasive changes in multiple areas. In some cases, the treatment provider may recommend a combination of BTL EXILIS and another cosmetic procedure. In each situation, the patient will be better placed to make the right choices when they have access to BTL EXILIS before and after photos.

    Realistic Expectations

    Best results in a cosmetic procedure can be achieved when the patient has clear goals, a positive frame of mind, and realistic expectations. With the help of BTL EXILIS before and after photos, the treatment provider can ensure that the patient has a fair idea of what to expect and what not to expect from the procedure. This will minimize the risk of any disappointment occurring for the patient at a later stage.

    Online Photos

    The treatment provider has an option to provide BTL EXILIS before and after photos on their practice website which Dr. Motykie and his clinic has with acumen. New patients can review the photos even before they are ready for a personal consultation with the provider. Accomplished cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for BTL EXILIS treatment.

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    BTL EXILIS Fat Removal and Tightening Before and After Photos

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