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    Day of Surgery

    Pre-Operative Marking

    Prior to your surgery, you will have the opportunity to speak with Dr Motykie about any part of your surgical procedure and/or recovery process. You will be asked to change into a surgical gown and Dr Motykie will place detailed surgical markings on the specific areas of your body that are undergoing surgery. All markings are performed in the standing position to ensure properly placed markings. You may want to bring a pair of your own swimwear or underwear to help keep your incisions in well hidden locations for you personally. Lastly, wear loose fitting clothing the day of your surgery that is easy to get in and out of such as sweat pants and a shirt that zippers in the front.

    Anesthesia and Operating Facility

    For you Mommy Makeover procedure you will most likely receive general anesthesia (you are asleep) for your own personal comfort, safety and surgical ease.  It is my opinion that the safest and most effective way to perform these types of procedures are under general anesthesia.

    Dr. Motykie uses only Board Certified Anesthesiologists to administer anesthesia and monitor your safety during your surgery. You may be given medication before reaching the operating room so you will feel relaxed before surgery. The surgery takes approximately 2-5 hours to perform depending on the complexity and amount of surgery being performed. Every surgery that I perform is done in a fully accredited, state of the art (AAAASF) surgical facility where your safety, comfort and privacy are of the utmost importance.   Deep vein thrombosis (blood clots) precautions are taken with every patient and include a minimum of anti-embolic stockings and sequential compression devices (SCDs) on the lower extremities during the entire length of your procedure.

    Surgical Procedure

    With pregnancy a woman’s body goes through major changes physically, emotionally and hormonally. Many of these changes are brought on by hormonal shifts and the effects of gaining weight, giving birth and breast feeding. The areas most commonly affected are a women’s breasts, abdomen and any other areas of excess weight gain. All of these areas can be addressed after the body has stabilized at least six months after giving birth. The term “mommy makeover” encompasses some or all of these procedures and it can result in a particularly dramatic change in a woman’s overall body contour and image.

    If breast surgery is going to be included in the Mommy Makeover, the surgery most commonly includes a breast lift with or without a breast implant. There are several different types of breast lifts available that all add a different amount of lift and reshaping to the breasts. With all breast lifting procedures, the areolas are typically reduced in size and moved superiorly on the breast mound. The breast volume will actually decrease with most breast lifts because, although the breast is perkier, it is also now in a smaller skin envelope. Therefore, it is common for a breast implant to be added at the same time as the lifting procedure.

    As far as the abdomen there are three areas to address- skin, muscle and fat. Diet and exercise can only do so much. Stretch marks, loose skin, separated muscles, hormonal changes lead to fatty deposits and bulges that never existed before surgery.  If the only problem is related to excess fatty deposits, liposuction alone can be used to help slim the body. If there is excess, loose skin and/or separated abdominal muscles, an abdominoplasty will usually be needed to correct the contour abnormalities of the abdomen as well as remove any damaged skin.

    Liposuction is extremely effective in contouring troublesome areas such as the thighs, hips and back. These areas are commonly liposuctioned to reduce bulges and produce a slimmer more fit contour of the body. As an added benefit, the fat removed form liposuction can be used to rejuvenate other areas of the body such as the face, hands and buttocks. Two areas known to give away a woman’s age are the face and back of the hands. Both of these areas can be successfully rejuvenated through fat grafting in which fat that has been extracted by liposuction is purified and re-injected into the designated area that may have become “deflated” after pregnancy. More recently, the Brazilian buttock lift has become more popular as patients have begun to realize that there is a way to rejuvenate and lift the buttock without the use of implants, artificial fillers or incisions. During this procedure, fat obtained from liposuction is re-injected into the buttocks in order to both lift and reshape the buttocks. This procedure is becoming more and more popular because it can give a fuller, perkier look to the buttocks with a low risk of complications and a quick recovery period.

    Overall, any combination of these procedures is equal to more than the sum of its parts. For example, the combination of a breast lift and an abdominoplasty lengthens the torso and narrows the waistline at the same time. This combination leads to a more dramatic result from the surgery and the appearance of more extreme weight loss than either procedure performed alone. When these two procedures are combined with liposuction of remaining trouble areas, the results are even more dramatic, refined and beautiful.

    Lastly, although any combination of these procedures can be done to create a more “extreme” Mommy Makeover, Dr Motykie’s first rule is always “safety first.” Therefore, Dr Motykie will only allow combinations of surgery that he feels are safe to do together because there is a limit as to how much surgery your body can handle at one time. As a general rule for all plastic surgery, “you can always do more” so make sure any surgery you are considering is safe, effective, well planned and skillfully performed.

    Recovery Room

    After surgery you will be brought to the recovery area where you will be allowed to rest and completely recover from anesthesia. Nurses will be on staff by your bedside to make sure you are recovering properly as well as being able to provide you with pain medications and small amounts of water and/or ice chips while you are becoming more awake and alert. After you have fully recovered from anesthesia, you may be released to home with a responsible adult although we highly encourage our Mommy Makeover patients to stay overnight in an outpatient recovery retreat where there are nurses on staff 24hrs/day to assist you with post-operative care and medications.

    The most comfortable recovery position after surgery is a reclining chair with your knees in a slightly flexed position.  Over the first night you will most likely find yourself having to use the bathroom frequently. This is normal and is due to the intravenous fluids you received during your surgical procedure. Leave all garments intact until the next morning when you will return to Dr Motykie’s office to have your dressings changed and receive further instruction for the rest of the week. The night following your surgery, you may experience some pain and discomfort that can be controlled with your prescribed pain medication. The majority of the sutures used during your surgery will be dissolvable and all of them are covered by thin surgical tape that should be left in place for the first week after your surgery.

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