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Revision Abdominoplasty

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The goals of abdominoplasty are: to reduce excessive skin, to decrease subcutaneous adipose tissue, and to obtain a tight abdominal muscular corset through the smallest incision possible.
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When these goals are not achieved or the resulting scar, belly button or abdominal contour has
been made to look unnatural or misshapen, a revision abdominoplasty technique is sometimes
the proper intervention. These types of surgical results are one of the main reasons that you
need to research your plastic surgeon in depth prior to having surgery which should include
determining their training background in plastic surgery, board certification in plastic surgery,
review of their abdominoplasty photo gallery and a personal consultation with the surgeon to
assess their bedside manner and their willingness to be attentive and listen to your concerns
and personal desires from surgery.


Thank you for the incredible new body you gave me. You are a true Liposuction artist. My new thighs and tummy are definitely going to be shown off at …
35 year-old female

It is always easier to have your surgery performed correctly the first time, but when you are dissatisfied with your initial results you may seek an expert in plastic surgery to revise your prior abdominoplasty and obtain results more in line with your original desires and expectations from surgery. To undo a prior abdominoplasty surgery and re-contour your abdomen correctly takes experience and skill. Please review Dr Motykie’s revision abdominoplasty work. If you feel your prior abdominoplasty resembles some of the pre-operative work displayed you may want to seek a consultation with Dr Motykie in order to determine if you prior work may be able to be revised and improved surgically.

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