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Combined Procedures

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There are many procedures that can be combined with your abdominoplasty that can help
enhance the results and/or add proportion to your new body. The most common procedures
are combined in a “Mommy makeover” and typically include the addition of breast rejuvenation
surgery, liposuction and/or a buttock lift. Even though a combination of procedures can lead to a
quite dramatic result, you must always remember “safety first.”Therefore, Dr Motykie will advise
you as to what is a safe amount of surgery to do all at once and also when your surgery may
need to be broken into two separate surgical procedures. It is more important to have a smooth
and complication-free recovery period than trying to do too much surgery all at once. Once you
recovery safely from you operation there is always time to do more surgery in your future so
do not be pressured by any surgeon to do an amount of surgery that seems like it may be “too
much” for your body to handle.

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