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    Body LiftBecause of a significant amount of weight, you might be left with loose, sagging skin over your new, slimmer figure. Aging and genetics can also cause the skin and underlying tissue to lose their youthful tone. The body’s skin only has a certain amount of elasticity and does not always return to its original firmness after being stretched. No amount of exercise can restore it. However, a body lift can help.

    Body lifts after massive weight loss or other reasons can improve the appearance of an apron-like flap at the abdomen or lower back, sagging buttocks or groin, and hanging skin at the thighs. Body lifts remove excess skin and fat and also tighten the underlying tissue that supports them—leaving you with a more natural shape to complement your weight loss success or rejuvenate your appearance.

    Body lifts typically target a sagging abdomen and lower back; low, flat or uneven buttocks; sagging groin; and hanging skin on the inner, outer or rear thighs.

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