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    Health And Wellness: The Foundational Components To Lasting And Effective Cosmetic Enhancement

    Esteemed, Board Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Gary Motykie, is one of the pioneers of a new, more integrative approach to aesthetic enhancement. In contrast to many cosmetic surgeons, who prioritize profit over client well-being, Dr. Motykie is the embodiment of integrity, and believes that patients need to be told the truth and should be fully educated about all of their treatment options, particularly when a less invasive (non-surgical) treatment may be the optimal treatment course.

    Dr. Motykie’s treatment philosophy is best summed up in this telling quote, “As much as surgeons love to perform surgery, sometimes it is not the answer and not in the best interest of a patient.” Through extensive research and clinical studies, Dr. Motykie realized that when patients achieve optimal health and wellness, their aesthetic beauty is impacted in a powerful and positive way.

    Dr. Motykie’s integrative, holistic approach to beauty and wellness sets practice apart—his patients benefit from his impressive surgical skillset, as well as his extensive knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and health. The opening of the Motykie Medical Spa (located next door to his primary practice office in West Hollywood, California) is the tangible manifestation of his commitment to integrating the worlds of aesthetics and wellness.

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    Customized Wellness Services

    Dr. Motykie’s treatment philosophy focuses on simultaneously fulfilling our patients’ health, wellness, and cosmetic goals. We are pleased to offer the following Wellness Services, each of which has been carefully selected for its proven safety, efficacy, and health benefits.

    The following services may be performed as solo treatments, or as one feature of your custom-tailored health and wellness treatment plan:

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