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    Infrared Sauna

    Infrared Sauna—Detoxify, Rejuvenate, And Relax!

    Dr. Motykie’s innovative and comprehensive approach to aesthetic enhancement includes advanced Health & Wellness services designed to help his patients look and feel their absolute best. By offering a variety of cutting edge detoxifying, anti-aging, and wellness options, our goal is to help our patients live healthier lives, feel revitalized, and preserve the vibrant aesthetics of youth!

    One of our powerful wellness treatments is the Infrared (sunlight) Sauna—although often considered simply a post-workout relaxation treatment, infrared sauna sessions deliver an astonishing number of health benefits, including, but not limited to: weight management, pain relief, cellulite reduction, blood pressure stabilization, improvement in joint pain/stiffness, skin cleansing, enhanced blood circulation, detoxification of the body, expedited wound healing, and immune system support.

    Dr. Motykie firmly believes that, “Everyone needs to detox from something in life—whether it is food, medications or stress…once that detox is complete, the results of any beauty and/or anti-aging treatment can be more easily optimized for improved, longer-lasting results.” Detoxification is beneficial for patients in good health, as well as those who are suffering from a variety of troublesome medical conditions (i.e. arthritis, mental illness, obesity, anxiety, heart disease, etc.).

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    Why Choose Infrared (Sunlight) Over Conventional Saunas?

    • Infrared saunas detoxify the body from heavy metals
    • The high core temperature of a sauna causes the body to sweat, which is the safest and most natural form of detoxification
    • Effectively operating at temperatures 60-80 degrees lower than conventional saunas, infrared saunas produce 7-10 times more detoxification than can be achieved with a conventional sauna
    • With a conventional sauna session, the typical person sweats out 3% toxins and 97% water, whereas in an infrared (sunlight) sauna treatment, an astounding 20% toxins and 80% water are expelled through the pores

    For additional information about our Infrared Sauna Treatments, or any of our other Wellness Services, please click here.