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    Pre- and Post-Operative Supplements for a Rapid Recovery!

    The importance of proper nutritional supplementation, both prior to and after any cosmetic surgery procedure, is a crucial factor in determining the success and speed of a patient’s recovery. Highly-esteemed, Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motkyie’s integrative approach to cosmetic enhancement incorporates his vast knowledge of the crucial role that nutrition plays in the body’s reparative processes. As Dr. Motykie’s patient, you will receive detailed pre- and post-operative instructions to help your body to heal itself and enable you to resume your normal daily activities as quickly as possible.

    Personalized Supplementation Plans

    At Dr. Motykie’s private practice facility, located in West Hollywood, California, we go above and beyond standard healthcare practices to get our patients back on their feet as soon as possible, feeling and looking their absolute best. Although each patient’s pre- and post-procedural supplementation plan may vary to some degree, there are certain essential supplements that almost all patients will benefit from.

    • Preventing/Minimizing Scarring
      • BioCorneum: massaged into scars twice daily for 12 weeks after incision has fully healed
    • Accelerating Post-operative Wound Healing
      • Body by Motykie Probiotics
      • Body by Motykie Multivitamin
      • Body by Motykie Calcium & Magnesium
      • Zinc (50 mg—1 tablet daily for one week prior to and one week after surgery)
      • Vitamin C (1000 mg—1 tablet daily for one week prior to and one week after surgery)
    • Decreasing Post-operative Bruising and Swelling
      • Body by Motykie Bromelain
      • Body by Motykie Arnica (*Coming Soon)
    • Medications to be taken “As Needed”
      • Miralax (1 tbsp in 8 oz water once daily)
      • Colace (250 mg 2X daily)

    Dr. Motykie will provide you with comprehensive instructions as to the timing and dosing for each supplement, in order to ensure their effectiveness.

    For additional information about our Pre- and Post-operative supplements, or any of our other Wellness Services, please click here.