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    Breast asymmetry occurs when a patients breasts looking noticeably different than one another and it can manifest in many different ways including one breast being larger than the other, the breast folds being at different heights and the nipples/areolas being located at different heights on the breast mound or being different sizes/diameters than one another.

    Each of the possible causes of asymmetry must be addressed differently since the underlying causes are also very different. Size differences of the breasts can usually be addressed by simply adjusting the volume of the current breasts implants by either adding more volume to the smaller breast are removing volume from the larger breast. Differences in asymmetry are more easily corrected with saline breast implants since they are “adjustable” whereas silicone breast implants come pre-filled and pre-sized from the manufactures.

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    Nipple/areolas height asymmetries can be due to several different reasons. First of all, if the breast folds are at different heights, the breast implants will settle in to different locations causing the nipples to follow with them. In this case, adjustments to the breast fold asymmetries (either raising or lowering of one breast fold) must be accomplished internally through surgery. The size, projection or type of the implants themselves may need to be adjusted. If there is droopiness of one breast, a lift technique with removal of excess skin may be necessary to create improved symmetry of the areola placement on the breast mounds.

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