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    Enlarged Areolas

    Some patients may feel that their areolas have enlarged after a breast augmentation surgery. Unfortunately, large shaped areolas are often identified with “older” or more mature appearing breasts while smaller, round areolas are more often associated with a more youthful appearing breast.  For this reason, some women choose to have their areolas reduced during a revision breast augmentation procedure. Large areolas can be reduced independently of a lift procedure or in combination with a breast lift procedure. Either way, one of the most important aspects of this surgery is to secure the small, round shape of the areola so it does simply stretch back out to its original or even larger shape post-operatively. Dr. Motykie is very experienced with this technique and he has successfully reduced the size of numerous enlarged areolas even when other surgery attempts have been unsuccessful by other surgeons. He has mastered a technique that not only looks beautiful post-operatively; it is a result that is intended to stand the test of time.

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