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    Correction of Implant Rippling/Palpability

    The term “Rippling” is used to describe a visible and/or palpable implant shell through thin breast tissue. Rippling seems to occur more often with saline breast implants than silicone breast implants and more often with textured than smooth shell breast implants. Rippling and palpability of breast implants is also more likely in women with a small amount of pre-existing breast tissue or when the breast implants are placed above the chest muscle.

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    Breast implant rippling can be improved by several different treatment modalities including changing an implant that has a shell that is more prone to rippling to one that is less likely to ripple. Second, if the implant is above the muscle it can be switched to below the muscle in order to gain more tissue coverage of the implant itself. Third, changing implant filler material from saline to silicone has been shown to be helpful in some cases. If switching to saline is not desired, over-filling of a saline breast implant has also been shown to have some mild improvement in rippling of the breasts post-operatively. Lastly, fat grafting and placement of coverage/camouflage.

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