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    Combined Procedures

    Patients who are unhappy with their facial features are often turning to facial fat grafting rather than undergoing complex and costly reconstructive surgeries.  Facial fat grafting is now commonly used in place of injectable artificial fillers and silicone facial implants because most patients have an adequate supply of donor fat tissue and the procedure is essentially scarless.  In addition, because facial fat grafting allows for the placement of fat in specific areas of the face it is truly akin to sculpting a face with a patient’s own fat cells. Facial fat grafting is frequently combined with other facial rejuvenation and aesthetic procedures such as face lifting, lower eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty.  Some common facial motifs that can benefit from facial fat grafting are the gaunt face, long face, bottom-heavy face, chubby face, asymmetric face and the aging face. Patients often turn to facial fat grafting as an alternative to undergoing more invasive surgeries because fat grafting can yield a very natural result with a minimal amount of downtown for recovery.

    Facial fat grafting is often combined with other facial surgeries in order to perform “facial reshaping.” Facial reshaping is a more dramatic approach to facial contouring that can include such procedures as buccal fat pad removal, liposuction of the neck and chin augmentation in combination with facial fat grafting. All of these procedures involve incisions inside the mouth or in areas not visible or detectable to everyday observers. In this way, facial reshaping can be achieved essentially “scarlessly.”

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