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    Throughout the evolution of plastic surgery, facial reshaping has traditionally been accomplished with reconstructive procedures and placement of silicone facial implants that can become very complicated surgeries, with extended recovery periods and associated risks such as migration, scarring, infection and extrusion. For over a century, surgeons have searched with little success for the ideal filler to rejuvenate the face and body even though it has been proven time and time again that a patient’s own fat can be reliably and consistently used to alter the structure of the face and body. With the recent popularity of artificial fillers such as Restylane and Juvaderm, more attention has been directly placed on restoring facial volume. Although many doctors encourage patients to use these products to reshape the face, patients need to be aware that these corrections are temporary, and often several syringes are needed to fill in larger depressions. This can lead to considerable expense over time that may end up costing more than having facial fat grafting in the first place. Therefore, facial fat grafting offers an alternative to facial fillers for those patients that do not want to spend a lot of money on temporary fillers that require yearly or bi-yearly maintenance. If patients like the results achieved with the temporary facial fillers, they will be thrilled with the soft, natural and more permanent results that can be achieved with facial fat grafting

    Facial fat grafting is now commonly used in place of certain silicone facial implants because patients have an abundant supply of donor fat tissue and the procedure is essentially scarless. Some of the major advantages of facial fat grafting is that is relatively easy to perform, it is scarless and it comes with none of the possible complications of placing implants.  Patients also often turn to facial fat grafting as an alternative to undergoing more invasive surgeries because fat grafting can yield a very natural result with minimal downtown for recovery.

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