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    Male Facelift Surgery

    There is a dramatic difference between a male facelift and a female facelift. Facelift procedures in males is more challenging than in females and it is critical to understand the nuances and specific surgical goals of each individual male cosmetic patient. One of the main concerns in male patients is non-detectability of the surgical work that is being performed. Artistic sensibility is essential for a plastic surgeon to possess in order to understand that a “female” facelift absolutely cannot be performed on a male patient.  A surgeon most possess artistic sensibility, anatomical knowledge as well as manual dexterity in order to create aesthetically pleasing outcomes because every procedure must be customized to every individual patient and particularly for procedures performed in both male and female patients. If a surgeon is not born with artistic talent, they probably will never be a great aesthetic surgeon, because artistic ability is something one is born with and it is never truly taught. If a surgeon with limited artistic ability operates on a male face the most worrisome outcome is a resulting feminine appearance which can be devastating and difficult to reverse. This is one reason that Dr Motykie custom tailors his facelifts to create a rested, youthful and masculine post-operative appearance in male patients.

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