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    Alternative Procedures

    Almost all modern day facelifts are considered “mini-lifts” or “short-scar” lifts because the downtime from the older, out of date techniques was closer to three to four weeks compared to one or two for the more contemporary techniques. Steer clear of the corporate-sponsored, commercially advertised lifts that use such words as “mini”, “quick” and “lunchtime” and instead search out a surgery that is based on the true fundamentals of facial aging and employs time tested techniques of reliable and natural facial rejuvenation.

    One alternative to a full facelift is a neck lift or neck liposuction which can be performed to remove excess fat beneath the chin and tighten loose skin in the neck (Double chin without jowls). A less invasive alternative to a facelift, these procedures can produce dramatic results in a patient whose chin and/or neck has sagged with age or after weight loss. Depending on your specific problem areas, these procedures may also achieve a more youthful, refreshed look without needing a complete facelift.  Lastly, some non-surgical alternatives to skin tightening have recently become more effective and popular such as ultrasound and radiofrequency based machines that can address mild facial and neck skin laxity with little downtime and minimal risk.

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