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    A breast implant can only give a woman a bigger version of the breasts she already has unless certain modifications are made to correct for asymmetries, tubular shapes or droopy breasts. A large implant will not lift a breast and a large implant placed in an already droopy breast will only create a large, droopy breast. If your breasts have sagging, droopiness, low nipples or extra skin, a breast lift (mastopexy) may need to be combined with your breast augmentation procedure.
    Other possible procedures that can be performed at the time of breast augmentation may include areola reductions, nipple reductions, correction of inverted nipples or fat grafting to the breast bone. Axillary fold prominence is troubling for women particularly when it protrudes out of bras, bikini tops and dress straps. The axillary folds are present in all women to varying degrees but fullness in this area is a frequent concern of many women. Liposuction of this axillary breast tissue (bra rolls or axillar fold

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