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    Micro Plasma Peel

    Restore Your Fresh, Smooth, Radiant Skin with Motykie Med Spa’s Advanced MicroPlasma Peel!

    At Motykie Med Spa, we are proud to be a select provider of MicroPlasma Peels in the Los Angeles area. This advanced, highly effective skin resurfacing and rejuvenation treatment harnesses the power of Pixel Radio-Frequency energy to eliminate the most common skin problems such as scarring, stretch marks, loose skin, pigmentation problems, and large, visible pores. As effective as laser ablative skin resurfacing without the risk of burns or discoloration or the need for extensive downtime, our MicroPlasma Peel will improve your complexion, revitalize your skin, and enhance your youthful, glowing beauty!

    The key behind the success of the MicroPlasma Peel is its precise, highly focused ablation of small portions of skin tissue to trigger the skin’s natural wound-healing mechanisms. The focused Radio Frequency energy creates minute puncture wounds in the skin, then gently heats the skin to stimulate the body’s natural production of new collagen fibers. Because only small amounts of tissue are impacted, the unaffected healthy tissue supplies additional healing capabilities, encouraging faster recovery and less downtime. The MicroPlasma Peel is an ideal skin resurfacing option for individuals who are seeking:

    • Reduction in the appearance of scars and stretch marks
    • Minimization of discoloration and pigmentation problems
    • Elimination of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Reduced visibility of large pores
    • Improvement in skin laxity and texture

    For optimal results, we recommend a series of regular treatments every 4-6 weeks, depending on each patient’s specific aesthetic concerns and healing capabilities. Some patients may benefit from a combination of skin resurfacing treatments, including a stronger RF resurfacing, micro-needling, and the MicroPlasma Peel.

    For additional information about the MicroPlasma Peel (Pixel RF Resurfacing), or any of Dr. Motykie’s skin resurfacing services at Motykie Med Spa, please click here.

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