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    The Healing Curve


    In 2008, Dr. Gary Motykie formed The Healing Curve, a non-profit initiative, to help women who have beaten breast cancer but are left with scars and loss of breast tissue as a result of the mastectomy that saved their lives.

    “I have seen many women who have undergone reconstructive surgeries that have left them unhappy and scarred. Although insurance providers cover the initial reconstruction after breast cancer, they often do not cover secondary surgeries for the aesthetic concerns of the patients. Frequently, these women are left feeling and looking unnatural and without proper financial means for revision. These types of results can be an added emotional trauma to women who have already overcome so much to survive” explains Dr. Motykie.

    The inspiration for starting The Healing Curve came after the flood of requests Dr. Motykie received after filming episodes of E! Entertainment’s hit show Dr. 90210 where he reconstructed the bodies – and lives – of breast cancer survivors.

    Breast Reconstruction Help After Cancer

    The Healing Curve“There seems to be a huge hole in the medical system that needs to be filled for women that have undergone breast reconstruction, but are left with breasts that look and feel alien. All that these women truly want is to have breasts like their natural breasts. Overall, I started the Healing Curve to help women who feel they have lost their bodies, their femininity, and their self-esteem due to their battle with breast cancer,” explains Motykie. “These women have already been through so much with cancer itself; they deserve the best possible breast reconstruction that plastic surgery can offer.”

    Dr Motykie has also recently expanded the scope of the Healing Curve to help patients with birth defects, traumatic injuries from accidents, injured war veterans and victims of poorly performed surgery elsewhere.

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