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    The Healing Curve

    Reconstructing Bodies & Lives After Cancer and  Other Life Altering Events

    Dr. Gary Motykie, Board Certified plastic surgeon, has developed his successful surgical career on the belief that true beauty starts on the inside and shines outward. Unfortunately, for individuals who have survived a life-altering event such as a cancer diagnosis, a traumatic injury or accident, or a “botched” surgical attempt, inner beauty is too easily undermined by both emotional scars and physical damage. At The Healing Curve, we believe that all survivors have the right to return their bodies to their original, beautiful form in order to restore their physical and emotional beauty, on the inside and the outside. Our mission is to provide individuals who have been physically altered by illness, accident, or prior surgical attempt with the financial assistance and support they need to undergo secondary aesthetic surgeries required to restore and enhance their natural beauty.

    Secondary Aesthetic Surgery

    Secondary aesthetic surgery, defined as any surgical procedure designed to reconstruct, repair, or rebuild a part of the body that has been damaged by injury or prior surgery, plays a powerful role in ensuring that victims and survivors truly restore their full physical and emotional health. Yet all too often, these critical procedures are defined as “cosmetic” and therefore denied coverage by insurance carrier. Founded by Dr. Motykie in 2008, The Healing Curve originally worked with breast cancer survivors, but has significantly expanded its mission to work with anyone living with a visible physical alteration as the result of an illness, fire or accident, war injury, prior surgery, or congenital defect. Amazing, cutting-edge surgical techniques are available today to ensure that everyone can make a complete, full recovery, and at The Healing Curve, we believe that financial need should not stand in the way of true health and natural beauty.

    The Healing CurveFor more information on The Healing Curve and our mission, we encourage you to visit or contact our West Hollywood office today!