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    Combined Procedures

    Your chin plays a crucial role in the appearance of your nose. A weak chin can make an appropriately sized nose appear larger than it really is in the profile view of the face. Therefore, an experienced plastic surgeon will always evaluate the chin and the overall facial profile when considering performing a rhinoplasty surgery. If a weak chin appears to inhibit the achievement of a balanced facial profile, a chin implant should be placed rather than trying to reduce the nose to an unnaturally small size. This approach to aesthetic surgery of the nose is called “balancing your profile.”

    Facial fat grafting is also commonly performed in combination with rhinoplasty surgery since patients concerned with the appearance of their nose are often also concerned with the appearance of their other facial features. In general, facial fat gating can be used to balance the remaining facial features, improve overall facial contour and rejuvenate a tired/aging appearance.

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