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    Combined Procedures

    Because a chin augmentation primarily deals with balancing the profile view of a patient, all of the remaining features that make-up the profile must also be taken into consideration. Of the features that are contained in the profile view, the chin and the nose are the two most prominent and the ones that need to brought into balance in order to obtain facial harmony and a beautiful profile view.  Because the size of the chin may magnify or minimize the actual perceived size of the nose, many plastic surgeons may recommend chin surgery to a patient having nose surgery and vice versa.  In fact, about 15% of patients having a rhinoplasty will also receive a chin augmentation in order to balance their profile.

    Sometimes the chin augmentation is combined with liposuction of the neck or a necklift procedure for a particularly dramatic improvement and rejuvenation of the jawline.  In women the neckline is made more long and elegant and in men a more athletic and younger look is achieved.  When the neckline is contoured along with the chin, the overall look is not only more balanced and beautiful; it is also more youthful and healthy.

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